Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Music Challenge: Day Six

So day five is clearly missing from the list, but that's only because I wrote out the actual back story on Facebook and I didn't have anything to write here but "Ditto." And then I would have to open Blogger and type "Ditto" and click post and that' s a lot of work for a five letter work, amiright?

Anyway, today is day 6 - a song that reminds you of somewhere.

It's no secret that Justin and I dated long distance for 10 months before we were engaged. Long distance relationships are officially THE WORST. We spent more time on silent phone calls than I cared to admit. Having a boyfriend that lives 3,000 miles away put a major damper on my social life. So when we were able to spend time together (by my count, six times before were were married, OMG) we packed so much stuff into the week in order to squeeze out some semblance of a normal relationship.

One week Justin came to visit and we headed up to Niagara Falls. Now, the Falls are really pretty and everyone should see them once. But the best part? Tourist crap. I love me some specialty stores and rides and funhouses. Yes, I am six. So we drove up one day and Justin bought me the latest Lifehouse CD. We listened to it on repeat as we became hopelessly lost and I heard the song Spin 90,000 times. Not only does it remind me of Niagara, but it's a perfect depiction of me and Justin in general.

It was also really cold that day, so every time I hear it I feel like I need to put on a sweater. Is that weird?


Jenna said...

OMG I heart Lifehouse. Seriously, they got me through high school. No Name Face rocks my world. And Jason Wade is HAWT.

K, done geeking out over Lifehouse now.

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