Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Music Challenge Day 26

Almost done and I had one more that needed a backstory!

Day 26 - A song you can play on an instrument.

So, in grade seven, we were all asked to pick an instrument that we'd like to learn how to play. For inexplicable reasons, I chose the trumpet. I still vaguely, vaguely remember how to play. Then, halfway through the year my music teacher approached me and asked if I was willing to switch to the french horn. Apparently no one would play the thing. So I agreed, not having the slightest clue as to what a french horn actually was. I didn't realize it was GINORMOUS and I would have to carry it to and from school. And my family would have to listen to me practice on a daily basis. Still, I tried to be a good sport and as the only french horn player in the school ended up playing in every Christmas/Easter/End of year concert for two years. I was in a brass quartet. YEAH.

When grade eight was winding down and it was time to go to high school, we were asked to pick our electives as part of the registration process. Now, electives were either art-base, performance-based or music-based. I don't have an artistic bone in my body. I chose music and checked "vocal" on the form. I really didn't want to garner a reputation as a french horn player in high school and I have a fair voice, so I thought it would be best.

Fast forward to the first day of school. I realized, with horror, that I had been placed in instrumental music and there were no free spots in vocal. So off I went to band class. While I loved the teacher, my heart wasn't in it. Jupiter from The Planets by Gustav Holst is the only piece I remember learning, probably because it was final exam and I listened to my parents beg me to stop practicing day after day.

So I spent the year with the sexually active band kids, watching the only other french horn player, Patrick, empty his spit valve onto the floor and listening to the crazy/genius music teacher rant about how music is like a roller coaster.

The next year, I took drama.


Morgan -Ing said...

Nice. Spit valves are 100% the reason I never joined band. I played the violin. If there was spit on the floor in the orchestra room, it wasn't supposed to be there. EW!

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