Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Fishin' Hole

In an effort to be good parents, Justin and I loaded the kids up on Saturday and brought them to a nearby mountain range which just so happens to have a picturesque lake on top. This was our second attempt. The first time we tried, we were driving up the canyon and noticed a car pulled to the side of the road. As we drove by, a tall man completely collapsed onto the road. We turned around to see what was going on and he was a cyclist who had crashed really hard on his bike and dislocated his shoulder, peeled the skin off of his leg and I'm guessing had a raging concussion as well, since he couldn't walk. Justin checked with the other car that stopped and they had called 911, but it turned out we were so far up the canyon the ambulance was worried about getting to him. They asked if we would load him in OUR car and bring him down to find them. We cleaned out the back and Justin tried to help the guy over to our car, but he collapsed again and finally we said "Yeaaaah we're actually not going to do that." When the ambulance finally came, they only had two female paramedics and the man was like 6'4" huge. They needed Justin to help put him on the stretcher and load him into the back. It was pretty high stress and by the time the ordeal was over it was too late to head up the mountain so we went home. Luckily the kids were OK with it and it was a perfect time to teach Addison about how we ALWAYS WEAR HELMETS. I love scare tactics.

Luckily, the next time there were no dire emergencies and we actually made it up to the lake.

Justin spent roughly 3/4ths of the time messing around with fishing poles. Andrew was pretty excited about that.

He was pretty excited about his pose, too.

The pretty pretty lake. We walked all the way around it and had serious discussions about things like chipmunks.

Addie, for being such a girly mcgirlerson, LOVES to play with the worms while I shriek and run away.

Andrew likes to pretend he plays with worms but he's actually scared of them.

Our sole fish. We debated keeping it but decided not to, then threw it back in the water where it went belly up. FAIL.

Now I'm dying to take these two camping... this just in: Having a five year old and a two year old is the best ever.


Jenna said...

Jae, there's some subliminal messaging going on in the background of that second-to-last picture ...

Jae said...

HAHAHA hilariousness! We generally say no to crack...

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