Monday, July 18, 2011

Extreme Makeover, Log Home Edition

So it's no secret that we live in what is basically a log cabin. We also live on a mountain, so it kind of works. When we first built the house, we left the logs natural for the most authentic look. Fast forward five years and that authenticity was getting OLD. For one, the logs all aged differently, so it ended up looking like all of these crazy shades of orange. If you know anything about me, you know I hate clutter and I felt that's how the outside of our house looked: cluttered and messy. So we made the massive decision to stain the entire house. It seemed like a great idea at them time: a few weekends and donezo, right? WRONG. Like, 40 gallons of paint and three months later, the world's hugest project was finally finished. And I might pass out with sheer joy over the results.

Here's our house last year. It's alllllright I guess, but you can really see where the logs have aged and gone dark in some spots and it just looked messy. I wanted to live in a log house, not a weird hunting cabin.

And here it is NOW! Ta-da! Do you love it? I think it looks so much cleaner and more modern. And when your house sticks out like ours does, you definitely want it to look a little suburban. Justin, his brother and his dad spent the entire weekend in a lift finishing all the high parts of our house. WHY IS OUR HOUSE SO TALL?

Also, look how big our shrubs have gotten! I feel like their mother. They're so grown up!

I also spent the weekend painting our doors two-tone AND I put on my crafty hat and made a door hanging. WHO AM I?

That all being said, I never knew our house was such a hot topic for people. Just now, I was getting groceries out of the back of my truck when an old, gambling visor-wearing lady marched up to me and demanded to know why we had painted our LOG house. THE HORROR! I just stood there like an idiot and told her it just needed a change, when really I should of said "Um, because my name's on the mortgage and I can do anything I want with it, thanks so much nosey noserson?" As an aside, when someone has spent three months and a large amount of money on home renovations, the correct response is always "It looks great."

Not, "you shouldn't have done that.
Not, "I liked it better before."
Not, "Why did you do that?"

Just "It looks great."

Because it does.


Nathaly Blalock said...

Nice! I love the change. Looks great!

Morgan -Ing said...

It does look great! That door hanging really completes it too.

Jae said...

Haha I knew I could count on you guys to tell me it looks great. That's all I ever want to hear! lol.

PS Morgs, I ventured into the Hobby Lobby for the first time ever for materials. Holy overwhelming, Batman!

Jenna said...

JAE! I love it! I seriously do!

Misty said...

I like it. I'm going to gawk at it in person this weekend at my sister's bridal shower. Yes, I'll be one of those weird people staring in your windows. You know you're excited.

Jen said...

I do like it! And the door and door hanging look great too!

Ashleigh said...

Love, Love, Love it! It doesn't just look great, it looks gorgeous. And to the nosy neighbor, if you don't like it, shut your eyes! I can't believe what a little but of paint does to it! Wanna come do mine now?

Jae said...

Yaaay this is why I love you girls. I was totally fishing for compliments and you totally delivered!

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