Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oh yeah...

SHe poses her own pictures. I had to tell her to tone it down.


Addison had her first day of school like, three weeks ago and it would probably pretty special if I recorded it somewhere.

I would like everyone to know how brave and super non-emotional I was during the entire process. I am a robot. I have no feelings.

Did anyone believe that? Please?

K, so I totally cried. BUT ONLY because she was taking the bus. Something about seeing her tiny frame climb up the bus stairs just got me. I was never a bus student so I was consumed by thoughts of what the bus was like, if other kids would be nice to here and where she would sit. I even arranged for an older girl in our ward to sit near her and make sure she got to her class OK. Of course, I didn't need any of it, because Addison is social to a psychotic degree and by day two, she had a "best friend" to sit with. Her "best friend" also now likes to show up at our house unannounced, without telling her parents where she's gone, but that's a story for another day.

Three weeks in, she still loves it. She comes home ravenous and tired and Andrew has a mild coronary every time she walks in the door. I'm into this new early waking/get Addison to school/work/gym/lunch routine and I feel ever-so productive. And ever-so tired. But mostly ever-so productive.

Of course, she's also playing soccer and I have stuff going on and my house is a mess. But like, totally blogging productive.


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