Thursday, April 10, 2008

Adventures in Eating

So, I have a problem with getting Addison to eat. It started way back on Feb 28th, 2006, when she refused to nurse in the hospital. I forced her to anyhow, until she was three months older and completely quit on me. It was a valiant effort on both of our parts, but alas, it was not to be. Fast forward two years later, I still can't get the kid to eat. She always has a semi-good breakfast, but it's usually the only actual meal she eats all day. I consider it a small miracle if I can coax a sandwich into her around 5pm, or even some kind of pasta before bed.

She just had her 2 year check up. As for her stats, I wish they were better. She is only 30th percentile for height and weight. Honestly, the height I expected. She would either be little like me, or giant like Justin and I am secretly glad she takes after me - no offense, tall girls of the world - but the weight bothers me all the time. I KNOW its really alright, I asked dear Dr. Tipton 500 times and each time he assured me her weight was fine. But to me, I should be able to control her eating so that she does better. But try as I may, the kid won't eat. Well, unless it is Nibs. She really likes Nibs.

So after talking to mom on the phone, she suggested I try more "fun" things to get her to eat. Today after I ate a regular lunch, while asking Addison if she wanted a bite while she rode around the dining room on her ATV, we made some peanut butter playdough. It was great! Except all the recipes online called for powdered milk. Who the heck do they think I am? Martha Stewart?? I keep sugar and flour. Thats it. So I made up my own recipe and we played for an hour, and I actually got Addison to eat a ton of it! Now, I don't know if that's going to be good or bad for the teachers in her Nursery class, next time they pull out the play dough Addison will be chomping away. But it might just have to be her lunch anyway, so I don't mind! Viva la play foods!

She eats! Cue the hallelujah chorus!
Here you can clearly see the height resemblance between Addison and Mama.

PS: Notice my crockpot in the back ground? Jae's Delicious Burritos tonight, in celebration for the return of The Office.

Kisses! Jacqueline, Justin and Addison

Oh, and for those of you who keep a less-than-perfectly-stocked pantry like me, here is my playdough recipe!

1 C Smooth peanut butter
1 C Flour (or a little more, I just added until it wasn't sticking to my hands anymore)
1/4-1/2 C Honey (it'll make it so it doesn't totally crumble)
Knead with hands until you get a play dough-like texture.


Kara said...

Jae, that's such a cute idea! I love it. Hopefully nursery goes well. At least she'll learn that nursery play dough isn't nearly as good as mommy's, lol. Hey, want to share the recipe you have for Jae's Delicious Burritos? Lol. Come one, you can top those girls at The Daily Bite. ;)

~Pink~ from BBC said...

Jae-- I just thought I'd give you some advice that REALLY has helped me get my kids to eat. I have 3, and they've all gone through very picky stages. The only way I've gotten them to eat is to make food fun, like you said. The way I do that for sandwiches is to cut them out using cookie cutters! I bought a container of maybe 100 cookie cutters, and the kids LOVE to pick out which shape or animal they're going to "eat" that day. :)

Jae said...

Thanks Pink! At this point I will try anything. If someone told me to stand on my head and sing Over the Rainbow, i would totally do it.

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