Monday, April 14, 2008


On Friday, in a bid for proactive parenting, I took Addison to the zoo up in Salt Lake. Shannon was visiting for the week, so we stopped and picked her up on the way, and we met Lisa and Isaac there. It was awesome. It was only 50 or so degrees, so there wasn't alot of people, which meant lots of animal access for us. This is going to be a pretty pic-heavy post. We saw the albino alligator and it scared me silly. Creepiest thing on earth. Addison figured every animal was either a monkey, dog or kitty. The giant tiger was a kitty that she really wanted to touch. The only thing she got scared of was a giant goose that was walking up to her slowly and eyeing her. She backed off and yelled "Scary!" and ran away.

The Zoo is EASILY the best place to wear out kids. Addison was passed out in the backseat within three minutes of getting in the car to go home. It was awesome to see Lisa, she's literally my only friend with only one kid, and I would really enjoy it if Addison and Isaac got married one day, and we could share these pictures at their wedding. They would have adorable chubby-cheeked babies and I would love Addison's inlaws. Whats that? I am getting a little ahead of myself? Too bad.

Here is the Ghost of the Bayou, his eyes pierce my soul...

Between the cold and the obscene excitement of seeing these animals, Addison was prone to seizures all day long:

Definitely getting married one day.

Here she doesn;t look super impressed, but it was a good photo op. Its supposed to be a drinking fountain.

In the little Himalayan room dealie, there was a drum and a ver nice zoo worker who let Addison do pretty much anything. I wanted to hire her for my own, but no such luck. Addison also just barely learned how to say thank you (Please was easy to master, but thank you was hard... ) and it was so cute to hear her yell "Bye! Kank koo!" When she was leaving. Babies learning to talk are the best.

Bless this woman's heart, standing by while Addison wields a MALLET.

The kids checking out some reptiles - for my brothers, notice Addison shoes that STILL fit her:

Finally we went and played at the playground. Mama was tiirrrrred and barely made it home.

We'll have to go again in a few months. Maybe by then Addison will know the difference between a house cat and a MAN EATING TIGER.

Kisses! Jacqueline, Justin and Addison


Sara said...

awe- such cute pics!

michelle said...

Jae, you are hilarious. And I second the creepy alligator motion. I still have nightmares. Did it move at all while you were there? The only thing that convinced me it wasn't dead or plastic was a single eye blink in a matter of several minutes. Not right.

Carly said...

Again, I am thoroughly impressed at your hair-doing abilities with little miss Adds. Attempting to semi-french braid my daughter's hair would result in a total and complete melt-down with both her AND me.

Jae said...

Michelle - I hate that thing. I had visions of it popping out at me.

Carly - I swear by Addison's Elmo chair and some type of super interesting kid's show. She takes a seat and doesn't budge. I still have melt-downs over her hair though, don't worry!

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