Friday, May 23, 2008

Great White North

Well! We made it! Alive! (Sort of).

We're here in Canada finally. The flight was actually really okay, considering. Of course the one and only time I show up at the airport with plenty of time to spare, our plane was delayed. Which causes me stress because I know I have a connecting flight, and a short connection at that. Addison was a peach, thank goodness for her ability to make friends with other small children, she played in the SL Airport kid section for 2 hours. We finally got on the plane and I immediately regretted my decision not to bring a dvd player. Addison was fine playing with the things we brought, but I wanted to sleep SO BAD, but needed to keep her occupied. When I did doze off momentarily, I awoke to Addison in my face, shouting "WAKE UPPPPP!!!" We touched down in Chicago literally ten minutes before we had to catch our next flight. I listened to the flight attendant as he announced that I would have the farthest to go to get to my gate. Lovely. So we speed-walked like the wind and got there right as they were boarding, thank goodness.

Gigi and Poppy Porter picked us up from the airport. If course, our luggage was out in the pouring rain and got in an hour later. We finally got home a 3a.m. Addison was the trooper of all troopers, I'm so happy she's so easy to travel with. By the time we got in, we both fell into bed and slept long and hard.

We got up and started making the rounds to see everyone. We went to see Uncle Daniel at work, where he gave Addison all manner of gummy treats. We went to lunch, and she had cupcakes. Then after a quick nap, we went to Uncle Ryan's, where she got cookies. What she really needs is more sugar! Her uncles are taking good care of her. Ryan had her down at the park playing fetch with Deacon. We went to see Daniel's new house and Addison spent the whole time playing upstairs with he and Leah while I watched Grey's Anatomy. I could get used to this. And by this, I mean having everyone else entertain my kid.

Don't know whats on tap for today yet... I'll update again later.

Kisses, Jacqueline and Addison


Carly said...

Cadence needs a lesson on How to Travel Like a Pro from miss Addison.

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