Thursday, May 29, 2008

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

Well, here we are back in Utah. We got in around midnight last night and feel asleep immediately. The flight itself was great, Addison was a peach. The layover was boring and I spent a small fortune in the airport toy store to make up for it.

Justin was all sad that I didn't update while I was up there, but we were insanely busy the whole time and I was hardly near a computer, which is oddly liberating! We spent the weekend with my cousin Kelly and her family (she has three girls) and her daughter Ainsley was baptized on Sunday so the whole family was oot and aboot as we Canadians like to say. We went shopping, and to the zoo, and ate at East Side Mario's multiple times because now they have funnel cake and I never new how much I missed cappaletti.

So we're back to the grind now. The best way to sum up the trip is with pics, so I'll post a link to all of them HERE.

Also, some videos for your enjoyment. I go to Canada and become six years old again.

Good luck craning your neck around. When Dallin runs the camera, he automatically RUINS it.


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