Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Growing Pains

Now that Addison has reached the ripe old age of two-and-a-bit, I start to see how much she's growing, and subsequently become depressed. I always say that if feels like I just had her yesterday, but I also can't remember a time without her. But now as she gets older and becomes her own person, I miss my little baby!

Which brings me to my latest... gripe shall we say? And this view might only apply to me, since I only have one child, but can I just say I hate seeing people trying to make their kids grow up faster? Do you know how I mean? Recently I heard a mom brag about her child who was apparently conjugating verbs by ten months and I thought a) that's a lie and b) how sad that er mother is so anxious for her to be a little adult, instead of enjoying her babyhood.

So I've made a conscious effort to let Addison learn on her own time, in her own way. I've noticed that she learns by doing, and so I let her figure things out during activities. I am in absolutely no rush for her to grow up and start doing everything on her own... what will I do with myself then? I'm happy to chase her around and teach her what I can and not force anything on her. We only have a couple of these adorable, messy, funny years, and I intend to soak them all up to comfort me when she's grown up and moved away. That's when she can be an adult.

And like I said, maybe it's because she's my only child that I am not interested in seeing her grow up very fast. But if I was making her read from the dictionary every night, I would definitely miss moments like these; when she gets to be a silly little baby.

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