Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Confessional

I confess:

-I have a sick obsession with Spaghetti-o's, particularly ones shaped like things like Spongebob Squarepants. They taste better.
-I think men that drive really noisy and overtly masculine vehicles are overcompensating for something.
-I say the word 'douche' entirely too often, usually referring to aforementioned overcompensating men.
-I hate when people call my phone, listen to the message prompt, and then hang up when they hear a beep. IF YOU KNOW YOU'RE NOT GOING TO LEAVE A MESSAGE, JUST HANG UP!!!
-I hate checking voicemail. Even on my cell phone. I make Justin do it.
-I totally let Addison eat candy when she shouldn't, like first thing in the morning. Hey, there's only one chance to be a kid.
-I love the word juggernaut and I use it whenever possible.
-Anytime I am alone for a night, I watch Pride and Prejudice (the new version with Keira Knightley)
-But I hate girls that are obsessed with Jane Austen. I understand she's a very good writer, but there are far too many middle-aged women wandering around thinking they are *just* like an Austen character. You are not Elizabeth Bennett. Deal with it.
-I can only use ball-point pens. The inky ones make my writing look weird.
-Last night Justin, Addison and me went for a drive, and ended up coming home with a bubble gun, flip flops, peanut butter cups and a new cordless phone that Justin will be returning some time this weekend.
-I eat more Teddy Grahams than Addison does.
-The most embarrassing item on my playlist is the entire soundtrack to Phantom of the Opera.
-I ALWAYS spell embarrassing wrong.


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