Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend Update: Reel Big Fish

We had another good weekend down here! We jam-packed it full of so much stuff that I was like wow, did that all really happen? But, as Justin likes to say, we're staring down the barrel of another work week here and can only blog about the fun.

On Friday I decided to take Addison to the pool in town. It's never super busy, which is nice, and for the most part we had the baby pool to ourselves. She looked so cute in her bathing suit and flip flops that I just wanted to eat her up, SO SUE ME if I put my daughter in a bikini. Nothing is cuter than a little pudgy belly. On babies. Anyway, we were down there and had to get out of the water for the five minute break and there was a little boy and he asked his mom why he could see Addison's tummy. His mom was like "Well, she just wears a different kind of bathing suit than us." OH THE HORROR!!! Heaven save me from ever sheltering Addison so badly that she doesn't know what a tankini is for pete's sake. Gotta love the great state of Utah.

After we got home from the pool (4 hours later!) We got some snowcones and decided to go to Horton Hears a Who again, since it was playing in the dollar theatre and Justin didn't get a chance to go the first time. I think there is nothing in this world that I love as much as taking Addison to the movies. She loves it! And I get two glorious hours of eating popcorn and candy. We got home and completely crashed because we were so tired and were planning on getting up at 6am the next morning to go fishing.

And we did! Bright and early we headed up to the cabin again (3rd week in a row for all of you who are keeping track) and tried AGAIN to catch some fish. This time we did awesome!!! I caught a honking huge one that took the cake. Well, Justin hooked it, I reeled it in and then he netted it while I screamed tat it was going to touch me. Teamwork! So in the picture, he's holding it because I refuse to touch a dead fish unless it is in delicious sushi form.

Sunday was the same old except it was HOT here. We played outside with Addison's stroller but can I just say I HATE THE HEAT. I was pretty cranky yesterday until it was time to go to bed and it finally cooled down enough to breathe. Justin is calling the air conditioner guy this week or he will face divorce.

Kidding Justin! Kind of...


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