Thursday, June 19, 2008


Last night we had plans with Justin's sister because she and her husband had bought a new game for their Playstation 3 and we needed to try it out. I'll reveal the game name in a bit. I am just going to say it only THE BEST VIDEO GAME EVER MADE!!!

Anyhow, Justin had scouts. To plan for their upcoming campout. WHY they need to have another campout I will never know, I swear they rope him into going every other week and it drives me crazy. I think he actually might have managed to get himself out of it, which I really hope he does, because we were supposed to put in our lawn this Saturday, and heaven knows we need a lawn more than a bunch of kids need a leader to take them camping AGAIN.

So we were supposed to head over there around 6, but Justin's scouts started at 6:30 and went till 7:30 and we decided we'd just wait and go late. So around 7:30 I get Addison ready. I gather together some chocolate pie to bring over. I get all my gear and bring it out on the porch, and I wait. I call Justin. He's almost done. Still waiting. Addison is running amuck through our weedpatch that serves as our lawn now. Still waiting. All of a sudden a man on a motorcycle rides by reallllllllly slowly and stops across the street. I figured he was going to see our neighbours until all of a sudden he PULLS INTO MY DRIVEWAY. So here I am, sitting on the porch steps and some random person is on his motorcycle literally 6 feet away from me. And he starts messing with his bike. I start texting Justin furiously because I am fairly sure he is a deranged burglar/rapist/murdered/all of the above. He hops of his bike, still running and walks towards us. Right when he is standing one foot away from me, he pulls of his goggles and helmet to reveal.............................our old 70 year old lawyer that Justin drew a house for one. What this man is doing on a motorcycle by our house is beyond me, but he scared me silly. Anyhow, I chat with him for awhile, he's a sweet old guy and hadn't seen Addison for awhile, and then he hops back on the bike, nearly toppling over, and rides off.

Finally, an hour late, Justin shows up. I am mad. We drive over to his sister's house and I am a sour mood because I hate scouts. It's stupid.

ANyhow, luckily when we got there, they had THIS little gem:

Yes, you read that right. It is surely the American Idol Karaoke game. And if you know me, you know that I love a) American Idol, b) Karaoke and c) Generally making a fool of myself in front of large groups of people. So I was all in.

This game is SO fun. You choose an avatar, you can go through auditions to Hollywood Week, choose your songs and sing along, and at the end, the judges give you their two cents.

Randy says things like "Yo, you know you're my dawg right? You definitely worked it out tonight!" Paula spits out contradictory phrases like "I really thought you did a great job, but I didn't love it. But I DID love it!" At first I thought it was a glitch in the game but no, that's just how Paula Abdul is. Simon tells you that you need to step up your game. Of course, he told me that I should be the next American Idol, but I'm pretty sure he just has a crush on me...

Anyhow, I belted out a few good eighties songs. Started off with Material Girl and got a perfect score, booyah! I also did Heart of Glass, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, My Heart Will Go On, Thank You, all sorts of karaoke goodness. They have like 50 songs, then with tons of songs you can download and add. Anyhow, I'm a little bit hoarse today but it was worth it to test my skills against Idol judges. AND! I heard that you can set up a tournament online with 8 players and take it to the top. Awesome!

Anyhow, if you have a compatible system, GET THIS GAME. Not only will you have fun, but your neighbours will love you for it.


Lund Family said...

Oh My Gosh!!! I want it! I just showed Luke. Why did i look on your blog because now it's all i think about. I wonder if it comes in XBox360. I am off to go look.

Jae said...

I think it does come on Xbox and gamecube too. YOU MUST GET IT!!!

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