Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Actual Conversation

A quick snapshot into my life with a two year old.

Me, working on the computer. WORKING.

Addison, sitting on couch. "Mama?"

"What baby?"

"I want kiki (blanky)"

I get out of my chair and locate kiki, hand it over to Addison. "Kanks!" She says. I sit back down.

"Mama, I want milk."

"You want milk?"

"Chocolate milk."

Of course she does. So I get up, find a clean cup, fill it with chocolate milk, bring it back upstairs, hand it off. "Kanks!"

Sit back down. "Mama?" YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. "Cella?" Cella is her Cinderella doll. I jump up, Cella is literally two inches away from her, but now this is a fun game! Let's see what hoops mama will jump through in the hopes that Addison will settle down and permit mama to do some work! I pick up Cella, tuck her into Addison's kiki and head back to the computer. Before I get there, I hear another "Mama?"

"What, Addison?"

"I watch Belle?" Which means she wants to watch Beauty and the Beast. I take the five minutes to set up her DVD so she can watch Belle for five minutes until she tires of it and wants to watch Finding Nemo instead. Standing up and heading back to my desk I yell, "Are you ever going to stop being so demanding???"

"No." She says.

I guess it was a stupid question.


Kara said...

Lol, I love it! Being a mom is hilarious some days.

Alisa said...

Sounds just like my kids. You should teach her how to work the DVD player, that what we did to Nicholas. Yes i know i am horrible mom.

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