Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Big Reveal


I have been having a really hard time making my fingers surf on over to blog.

I'm having a hard time because I'm tired.

I'm tired because I'm pregnant.

Yep, numero two is on his or her way. I am shocked to say the least. In June, Justin and I decided to go off birth control in the preparation for a possible pregnancy later in the year. It had taken us ten months to get pregnant with Addison, and we were bracing ourselves for another long haul. I new I wanted kids three-ish years apart and no later, so it seems like a good time to get going. Well, what do you know! Turns out, I am not nearly as infertile as my body had previously led me to believe. After a very tiring weekend, in which I could barely stand up and generally felt crappy, and after one too many suspicious dizzy spells, I finally talked Justin into coming with me to get the almighty pregnancy test. Now, let me say I am a compulsive test taker. I am also a compulsive always0think-I'm-pregnant person, hence the multiple tests. In the years since we've had Addison, I've probably taken another 8-10 negative tests, in months where I am positive my mother's intuition is telling me I'm pregnant. My mother's intuition really needs to be recalibrated. Because I got home, took the test, and patiently waited for my negative. My negative never came. Instead, a tiny pink line showed up and I think my exact reaction was "WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!?"

Justin was in the living room playing with Addison and I ran in clutching the stick with a horrified look on my face. Justin's exact reaction was "Nuh-uh?" After which I promptly burst into tears and nearly had a seizure.

It was so different than when we found out about Addison. We had been trying for so long and were SO PREPARED for her to come. When I found out I was pregnant with her we were so ready that it was just like FINALLY! This time it snuck up on us and we were just like what?? really?? Especially because it has taken us a really long time to be possibly okay with the idea of another baby, let alone the actual pregnancy!

But after the initial shock wore off, we called my mom and Addison announced to her that I had a "kitty in my belly," which caused even more confusion, but we are happy and excited for this new addition to the fam. Addison is excited for a sibling, but has informed us that she would prefer a girl baby. We'll take what we can get.

So, now the info. I am due March 31st, which incidentally is my brother's birthday. So I am just coming up on 6 weeks along. When I was pregnant with Addison, we didn't tell anyone until I was 12 weeks, but this one just couldn't be kept a secret. Besides that, I am definitely going to show a heck of alot earlier than last time. I can already see some extra belly packing on there, which causes me huge amounts of grief. As for the actual pregnancy, so far this has been 100% different than Addison's. With her I was sick 24/7 and couldn't eat anything. Ever. I lost like 7 pounds in the first trimester with her. With this one I am only feeling under the weather for a couple of hours at night. I am ravenously hungry, and cripplingly tired all of the time. And the dizziness hasn't subsided yet. So I don't know what that means, other than alot of fast food which isn't helping the weight gain situation.

I'll post more info as we get it, and try to keep updated with the belly pics. Or chin pics, because I seem to carry all of my baby weight in my FACE. Disgusting.


Julie Weiss said...

Little Porter! Congrats on the pregnancy. I found your blog from your facebook status.... anyways good luck. I'm still in the HEEEEEEEEECK NO can I face being pregnant again anytime soon phase.

michelle said...

The world needs more Porter-Curtises. My prayers have been answered. I'd much rather see other people having cute babies than face the reality of having my own. By the way, I think you are hilarious. I thoroughly enjoy your wit. Thoroughly. Congratulations, Jae!

Anonymous said...

March 31 is Aunt Debbie's birthday too!

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