Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Confessional

Sooo yeah I usually try and write daily, but yesterday was a write off. The work-related poop hit the fan and I was on overdrive doing damage control. But do not worry little ones! I am back.

-I hate people with bad posture. Every time I see someone hunched over I have to fight teh overwhelming urge to place one hand on their stomachs and the other on their shoulder blades and straighten them up.
-I think God probably eats movie theatre popcorn butter all day long. If I had almighty power, that's what I would do.
-One time, I had been wearing false eyelashes that came off without me knowing, and I spend 30 minutes trying to peel off my own eyelashes. Now I am terrified of eyelashes, both real and fake.
-Addison has a kiki (blanky) hers is pink and comes everywhere with her. I have a kiki. Mine is tan and comes with me when Justin is gone off camping in some mountain range, and I lie awake wondering if a deranged killer is going to burst through the door and attack me.
-I watch far too much Dateline NBC.
-I really like realty shows. I don't like people who call themselves "reality stars". You HAD your 15 minutes. Move along. Nobody likes you.
-I hate "Celeb-Reality" even more, if only for the extreme liberty they take by calling certain people celebrities. I'm talking to you, Dr. Drew Pinksy.
-I didn't make dinner once this week. I FEEL CRAPPY. Pizza Hut feels fine.
-I remind myself about 8000 times a day that my computer is not human, and therefore is not consciously trying to ruin my life. We do however have a deep and meaningful relationship.


Jenni said...

We eat pizza here a lot as well so don't feel bad :) We do have a small family pizza place here that we absolutely LOVE!

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