Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Confessional

-I get a little annoyed when I bang my leg/arm/head/anything and a heinous bruise does not immediately appear. Because NO ONE believe you if you say, "I really whacked my leg just now." And there is no evidence.
-I hate when people have e-mail stationary. It makes it very hard for me to take someone seriously when they send me a business e-mail with a rainbow background and 6 different fonts. Just send a normal e-mail!
-I have the world's worst road rage while pregnant. Like honestly, if you're not going to drive the speed limit on the one lane highway that has no passing lanes, I may drive over you with my car while laughing maniacally.
-I think it's lame when an otherwise normal restaurant gives it's food stupid names. Like the time we went to Ihop, and I really wanted Tutti Fruiti Pancakes. I didn't order them because I didn't want to say the name out loud. And the other day at Jamba Juice, I had to order a Mango A Go Go. What is wrong with just calling it Mango and sparing your customers the humiliation?
-Want to make me really mad? Ask me how to do something without making any effort to figure it out yourself. I am super self-taught. I take the time to figure it out, you can too.
-I am living off of watermelon and McDonald's. Justin had to pick me up McDonald's AGAIN last night and it made him sick to my stomach. It made me delighted.


Manda said...

I too hate when no bruise appears, if you're going to get hurt, you should at least have the pleasure of showing it off!

Kara said...

I must admit, that I love reading your Friday Confessionals.

Kate said...

Oh, I so hear you!!! Nothing embarasses me more than ordering a Strawberry Cheesequake Blizzard. Okay, maybe flashing the missionaries is more embarassing, but I still feel retarded.

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