Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pregnancy Update and I FOUND MY CAMERA CORD!


After all that searching and an absolute refusal to clean my house in an effort to find it, I did locate my camera cord and am feeling awfully triumphant right about now. It was wound around the little pumpy thing that makes my desk chair go up and down. Why it was there, I cannot tell you.
But here are some cute pics anyhow.

My awesome friends Sara and Kate held a cooking class (You can see their blog if you click on the blinky to the right over there) and Kara and I went up to go see them. We tried going to dinner first, but totally lost track of the time, and ended up having to get it to go, much to the disdain of our waiter, who was worried it would "Ruin the presentation." K, guy. The class was awesome, and the taste testing was even better, especially because they made my favourite sorbet EVER. If I could just ave Sara live in my house and make me that sorbet for the rest of my life, I would be utterly and completel happy. It tastes better when she makes it.

And here are just some random cute pics of Addison, wearing her very fashionable hat and butterfly wings.

As for a pregnancy update, after my terrible weekend, I've actually felt pretty good. I am hoping that I am getting over the disgusting barfy phase and more into the 2nd trimester bliss. I'm still monstrously hungry all of the time. Quick check of what I ate yesterday!

-An orange


-vanilla wafer cookies


-peanut butter and banana sandwich

-bag of carrots with dip

-king size milky way

-3 pieces pizza

-various drinks, milk and sprite

-another nectarine

K, considering what I eat when I am non pregnant, this is pretty much triple my usual intake. ANd I am not one of those people who loves to eat. Every time I feel the gnawing hunger, I am like OH, COME ON!!!!! Because it means another scrounge session where I try to find something that doesn't make me a little green at the gills.

I'll take a belly pic later today, we're going to the pool again. But I am getting comically large already and don't even know what to say. Little baby walrus is growing!


Carissa said...

Addison is such a little cutie. I love how your McDonald's fry box is in the last picture! haha Classic!

Jae said...

Haha gotta feed my pregnant belly somehow! McD's is always a good time(except for the devil Big mac that made me throw up.)

Wahlin Family said...

So I could not stop eating either with this one and I'm having a boy, so maybe... if that's what you want.

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