Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday Confessional

Sorry for the lack of posting this week. Every day seems to be a new crisis. Yesterday Addison woke up with a 104 temp and I turned into a blubbering pile of goo and rushed her off to the doctor's. She has strep, which is quite frankly, the cherry on top of my pie.

Anyhow, this has to be short and sweet.

-I really dislike people in those motorized carts at grocery stores etc. Not because I don't like disable people, but because sometimes I think they're faking it so that they can be rude and cut in front of you and get away with it. My old boss admitted to doing this once, and I have been suspicious ever since.
-Anytime I am stressed, and call my mom, as soon as she answers the phone I WILL burst into tears. Without fail. I can clearly remember calling home from Grade Two when I was sick, and crying then. I called yesterday about Addie's temperature and started crying. Reflex.
-Sometimes I watch FitTV, the channel that shows fitness programs all day. Not because I want to work out, I just hope that by watching it that I'll maybe get fit by osmosis or something. Plus I get some sick pleasure out of watching people sweat it out while I am laying on the couch.
-I hate maternity shirts wit big bows over the bellies. I'm sorry, is my chubbiness a gift? Why is it wrapped like a present?


Bonnie said...

Jaqueline you are soooooo funny and I love reading your entries - except of course I notice all of the spelling always remember - there's no place like home - or at least your mom's voice! I'm always here for you!
Love You

Bonnie said...

Of course you have just noticed that I have made a mistake in the spelling of your name - that is God getting me for you! Love Mom

Jae said...

Everyone please note that my MOTHER spelled my name wrong while in the process of making fun of my spelling mistakes.

Ryan Porter said...

wrong spelling of child's name noted.

Lisa B said...

Hope Adds is feeling better! And I feel EXACTLY the same way about the motorized carts at the store. There's just something fishy about them.

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