Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sad Day

So yesterday I called my house in the afternoon to see if anyone in the off chance was around. I was bored. My little brother Dallin answered the phone and said that our dog, Taylor was really sick. We stayed on the phone for an hour and a half, and when she looked a little better, I hung up and told him to keep me posted.

Poor Taylor died about two hours later. I called back to see what was going on and Dallin was home alone and pretty stressed out. So of course, being the pregnant girl that I am, I burst into tears and commenced crying for the next few hours.

Let me just tell you about Taylor. My dad brought her home when she was 6 months old and I was in grade 7. So about 11 years old. My mom was SO MAD. We had an old German Shepherd, Cassidy, and my mom was already at her capacity for giant dogs. Taylor was a boxer/rott-weiler mix, which sounds actually pretty scary, but she was so cute that you forgave her for it. She was previously owned by an elderly couple who went on alot of trips and would leave her in her kennel for days on end. So we inherited her somehow. When we first got her she was SO BAD. She was wild at the thought of her newfound freedom of our backyard and promptly jumped over our six foot fence and ran away. We caught her, and soon hooked her up to a thirty foot chain in the backyard. She ripped that out of the wall, jumped the six foot fence, and ran away. She loved running away. We spent a good part of her first year wandering through the neighbourhood, trying to find her. In stark contrast to Cassidy, our faithful, well behaved dog, Taylor was terrible. I've always thought of her as "the puppy" because she was so crazy and never trained to do much of anything.

But, when Cassidy died, Taylor was all we had. She was the wild child and caused us grief until she was regrettably hit by a car during one of her forays through the town. After that she calmed right down. She definitely became a family member, mostly because she thought she was too. Ask my mom how many times she had to shoo our giant dog off of the wingback chairs that were meant for company. Or when she could come sit on me while I laid on the couch and ever so slowly work her way behind me and extend her legs until I fell off.

Anyhow, because she was so large, her life expectancy was short, but she soldiered on way past that. She was 13 years old, and we are all so sad. We were laughing on the phone yesterday, "Why are we crying about this stupid dog?" And Justin said "Well, because she was your stupid dog."

So I'm totally bummed today. I come from a dog-loving family, and will be super sad to go home next time and not have Taylor to pester me and Addison. My brothers were all over at the house within 15 minutes of hearing about her, and I'm glad I have the kind of fam that pulls together, even when it's because of a silly boxer dog that ate all my pillows.


Sara said...

Oh I'm so sorry Jae. My dog passed away last year, and it's sill weird every time I go home and she's not there wagging her tail and jumping on me :(

Nathaly said...

Sorry about your dog, Jae. That's so sad. And poor Dallin to have to be there alone when it happened.

Morgan and Derek said...

Oh, I'm sorry Jae! Loosing dogs is like loosing a family member.

Marlene De Medeiros-Cutler said...

Aww sorry to hear about Taylor, I know when my parents VERY YAPPY Jack Russell (Princess) goes outside now she will be sad that there's no dog to greet her at the chain link fence...

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