Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekend Update

Yeaaaaaah so basically Addison was sick all weekend and that pretty much was it. What's that? My weekend update wasn't entertaining enough for you. MY GODDNESS PEOPLE, I AM NOT A MONKEY HERE TO DO 'WEEKEND UPDATE' TRICKS FOR YOU. IF YOU'RE BORED, GO BUY SOME PLAY DOUGH.

Yeah, so the stress of having a sick toddler + going on a trip tomorrow + lugging around a fetus with me everywhere I go is getting to me. Addison has been on antibiotics for nearly five days and is still complaining that she has an owie in her mouth. Luckily she's been taking her meds like a champ and hopefully it'll have subsided by tomorrow morning.

On Saturday Justin and I realized that we had NO camping supplies, and wandered out into the world to drop a small fortune on all manner of gimicky things. So far we have:
-1 disney princess air bed + sleeping bag
-1 disney princess flashlight with Magical Jewels! (I promise, they aren't for me.............they're Justin's. HA! Can I get a little drum roll? Thanks.)
-2 brand new, never opened sleeping bags, rated to -20 degrees for reasons I don't understand.
-1 new air matress, that will have holes in it soon
-1 $0.84 flashlight
-1 lantern that I liked because it had an adjustable handle. No word on whether it works or not
-2 GALLONS of mosquito repellant
-Can of SPF 75 sunscreen. I'm Canadian, people. I don't tan. Ever.
-1 pair of crappy sunglasses that I fully intend to lose.
We tried to buy Addison a new lifejacket, but she didn't like the colour, so she gets to wear her suspiciously burned yellow one.

Please alot note that TENT is not yet on the list. That is because although we are leaving tomorrow morning, we have not yet agreed on a tent. We have one more frantic shopping trip left, after which we'll be sleeping outside if we can't agree.

So, you won't be hearing from me until next Monday. At least I'll have lots of pics! I'll leave you with the cutest pics of Addison and Justin OF ALL TIME.


Nathaly said...

Those pictures are sooo cute! Have fun camping. My kind of camping involves an RV. I didn't have a dad who liked to do the whole camping thing, so we never went. Mostly because somehow, all the mosquitoes in existence gravitate towards me and my dad after 5 minutes of being outdoors.

Carolyn said...

Ugh, i hate camping lol. But we do have a tent you can borrow if you want! It's a 3 roomer, pretty nice and bigger. I'm serious :)

Julia257 said...

Hey girl! where do you go to add days under the people links to see when they make their posts?

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