Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Confessional

-I am the LEAST germaphobic person you will ever meet. It's not like I'm going to go lick a shopping cart, but I really don't freak out too much at germy stuff. Seriously, Addison cannot be a bubble kid.
-Want to make me mad while driving, igniting my INSANE road rage? Make sure to pull out in front of me, so I have to slam on my brakes when there is CLEARLY a big hole with no one behind me. Then drive slow.
-I hate the word f-a-r-t. I never say it, ever. Justin makes fun of me. It just sounds gross.
-If I am somewhere, and there is a gumball machine, I will dig around for a quarter and buy a gumball immediately. I used to have my own gumball machine, until my mom filled it with peanuts which I hated, and then all my gumballs tasted like peanuts so I gave it away. Sad, sad day.
-I LOVE crappy movies about dancers. Center Stage? Yes please! Dirty Dancing? OKAY! Girls Just Wanna Have Fun? Bring it. "How much about me did you like because I was a ballerina and ........................ (sniffle, dramatic pause) How much because I was MEEEE?"
-I am obsessed with aliens. There was a Dateline or something on the other day about people who'd seen them and I was fascinated. Later, I went down to get a snack and got the heebie jeebies so bad that I just ate a block of cheese instead of cutting it up. Aliens are SCARY!


Nathaly said...

Haha, Jae, I don't say the "f" word either. Mostly because growing up, my mom thought it was basically a bad word and I've just gotten used to not having it in my vocabulary. So in our house, we say "fluff". It took awhile to get Marcelo on board with that one. But I can't help it, I just don't like that word!

The Ditts Fam said...

Jae-we have a lot in common. Every Friday Confessional, I'm like "yup, me too" but this week was especially a twinner moment. You're awesome. However, I do use the "f" word quite a bit. ;)

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