Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pregnancy Update!

So I totally forgot to do my pregnancy update before I left for Lake Powell, so here she is.

I went to my first doctor's appointment last Monday before I left. If you're thinking "Wow, that seems to be a little late" it totally was. My doc usually sees people at 8 weeks, but I dragged my feet on calling, and when I finally did, they were all booked up. Oh well. I love my doctor, but I HATE the first appointment. It is sooo uncomfortable.

I also realized how different I am this time around. With Addison, my first appointment I went in there and they were all like "Here! Get naked and put this sheet on you!" and I was MORTIFIED especially because your back is towards the door and anyone who walks in may or may not see your bum, so I swathed it around me like a skirt and wanted to cry. This time I was practically undressed by the time the nurse handed me the paper goods, and hopped onto the exam table without another thought. I'll tell you what, having a kid leaves you with absolutely no sense of pride or modesty. Alot of other things have changed. With Addison, I was CONSUMED by my pregnancy. I ate, drank and slept pregnancy. This time, I just am too busy. Sometimes I have to remind myself. Addison keeps me hopping enough so that I don't have time to dreamily sit on the couch and imagine my life as a mom. HA! That makes me laugh. My old self was funny.

Anyhow, the doc comes in and chats wit us for a little bit, he remembered delivering Addison and wanted to talk about her delivery a little bit, and then we got down to business. After the initial unpleasantness, we did get to hear the heartbeat, which is the best sound in the world.

They moved my due date up a whole week, so I am now 13 weeks along (YESSSS) and told me I'd gained 5 lbs (NOOOO). Two more appointments until we find out the gender!


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