Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Update: K, really WEEK update.

So my mom went home on Friday and life is starting to get back to normal. However, Addison misses the CONSTANT attention and I miss the CONSTANT feeding. Here I am, Monday morning, eating pancakes I had to make myself. Boo.

On Wednesday, we decided to go up to the dinosaur museum. We went last year when Dallin was here visiting, but Addison was just little and didn't understand a whole lot of it. And my mom had never been. It's actually pretty cool. We got there and realized there would be a 3d movie showing about the ocean, so we decided to buy tickets for that as well. We wandered around for a bit, Dallin and I messed around with all of the children's interactive exhibits and Addison played FOREVER at the Erosion table. We went to see the movie, which was actually pretty cool. Until I fell asleep. K, I have no ability to stay awake anymore. Anyhow, we also stopped at the Harley shop on the way home from my dad. So. Many. Bikers.

On Thursday we decided to go out for dinner for my mom's last night. I had this amazing tortilla soup and now I am addicted to soup. It's all I want. Ever. We planned on doing something fun, but somehow ended up at home, staying up t watch Ever After. WHY?

Friday we headed off to the airport. K, remember what I said about not being able to stay awake. Completely applies while driving. I have come to the conclusion that until I have this baby, I cannot drive more than a half hour because I WILL die. We saw mom off, crying and all (Her BABY is moving out!) And Dallin had to drive home for me because I couldn't keep my eyes open. We then decided to make the most of the retardedly hot weather and go to the cabin for the weekend. We drove up the back way, which instead of taking a highway through the canyons, cuts a dirt road right over the mountain. Which is GORGEOUS. But I had also been jiggled so much that I had to pee halfway through. So we stopped at a lookout over a big canyon, where there were tall flat rocks that I could go behind. I made Justin and Dallin go back to the car for lookout, when I heard a car driving by. No biggie, I was completely hidden. Until I heard the car STOP. Justin and Dallin started yelling "Uh, Jacqueline?????" I went into complete panic mode and FELL over, trying to get decent again. I popped my head up over the rock while the guys in the car asked Justin for directions, and I realized how OBVIOUS I looked at that moment. Good times. Thanks again, fetus.

The weekend we just hang out. I slept alot (SHOCKER!) and read, etc, etc.

I promise I will be better this week! No that Mom isn't here DISTRACTING me with FOOD.

Here's the pics!

Prettiness on the way to the cabin!

Justin, wondering why his wife is behind that rock?

Me, in better times before the incident.

So I forgot Addison's sweater....

At the Dino museum


Addison in her apron for the erosion table.

Rockin some sweet 3D glasses!

At the airport. SADNESS!!


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