Thursday, October 2, 2008


So I will admit it. We have the absolute worst lawn on the block, if not the whole city. We haven't touched it since we finished the house except for the occasional mowing of the weeds when they get to be taller than me. I promise, our intentions were really very good. We moved into the house, vowed to take a year off of all house-related projects as our reward, and then promptly forgot about the lawn underneath the snow. But, spring came, and we promised ourselves that we would get it done. Yeah, well guess what? We didn't do anything with it. I guess we were too busy, although I couldn't tell you what we did all Spring/Summer. Anyhow, Justin finally got fed up with it and had a bunch of fill dirt delivered on Wednesday (Our lawn, among other things, is super uneven and needs to be leveled out before we do anything.)

So, we've started I guess, but mostly we just have a giant pile of dirt sitting on our lawn until the neighbourhood kid that lives across the street can come push it around with his four-wheeler. Justin has been out each night prepping it, cutting down weeds in a jungle-machete like fashion, spraying poison around, while I sit on the porch and yell directions. Addison does this:

The child has been the filthiest mess for the last two nights, turning her bathwater BLACK when she comes inside. Oh, and yes, her doll was left outside all night, prompting a bloodcurdling scream this morning as Addison noticed her baby lying outside on the dirt mound.

Oh, and the last pic is not our lawn. But it's what we see from the lawn, and I am giddy with delight that the colours are changing and fall is officially here. It's supposed to be cold and rainy alllllllll weekend long. YAY.


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