Thursday, December 18, 2008


So it's been a hectic couple of months (do you notice I say 'so' or 'anyhow' alot in my posts? I read my last one over and I was like, omg, I sound so illiterate. Seriously So Blessed, here I come!) and I just thought I'd take a second to tell you about my favorite husband in the world.

I still think we get people wondering "Now how did those two ever end up together?" I know that opposites attract, but Justin and I are POLAR OPPOSITES. Like nothing at all in common except a mutual hatred of olives and a mutual love for making fun of people. That's it. But our dysfunctional little relationship totally works anyhow. I'd write a marriage book, but it would be shot down immediately because of its terrible advice.

Poor Justin has been on the same rollercoaster I have for the last few months but he doesn't get the coddling that I do. Everyone wants to know how I'm doing, if I'm feeling okay, but don't seem to remember that this is pretty hard on him too. That being said, I don't think HE even remembers either, with him too busy being concerned and worried about me. I always tease him that when I was pregnant with Addison, that I didn't get any special treatment since we were building the house. I was down on my knees grouting tile at 8 months pregnant. But he has more than made up for it with this pregnancy, I'm afraid he'll end up with an ulcer due to stress that I am going to pass out or go into labour or ANYTHING.

Anyhow, as a gift to you, Justin, here is your very own blog post (really its supposed to make up for the fact that I haven't really gone Christmas shopping for you. TOMORROW!) Here are some fun facts about Justin and my relationship that you must be dying to know.
-Justin always fills the ice cube tray so we have ice. I never, ever, ever, think to, preferring instead to pull out a nicely filled try that Justin has done.
-Justin is obsessive compulsive about his morning routine. I hear him every morning, get up, roll out his dresser drawer and then go get a shower that lasts exactly 15 minutes. What do I do in this time frame? You guessed it! Watch the Today Show in bed.
-Justin processes things totally different than I do. For instance, in the wake of all of our medical stuff, Justin listens to the doctors quietly and gets the information, then works it out in his head after. I immediately begin asking every single question that pops into my head. This is to the point that our main doctor lets the other doctor knows before they meet us that Justin is not the talker and that I never stop.
-Justin is obscenely virtuous about the hours he works at the office. He will count to the MINUTE his hours so he has an accurate time card for the week. He never rounds up. Ever. If he is short three minutes one day, he will stay three minutes late the next. I'm not even joking.
-I coerce him into using gmail chat with me pretty much every day.
-Justin sometimes does architecture for fun. Ew.
-Justin and I are probably the least lovey dovey couple you'll meet. We have our moments, but for the most part we spend our time together making fun of things/people/places/events etc. Justin is not a romantic guy, but I appreciate the partner in crime more than I would a vase full of roses. 80% of the time we're together, we're laughing. At you.
-Justin does the laundry at our house. Sometimes I'll buck and put in a load of towels or something when I am feeling industrious and housewifey, but he'll always end up finishing it. He's got a load going right now.
-Justin doesn't make me feel bad that I SUCK at doing the traditional stay at home mom/wife thing. I'm not good at dinner, cleaning, laundry etc. and I imagine most husbands would get annoyed with it. Justin brings home a pizza.

So there's my spiel about Justin. Most people are like huh? Because if you know us in real life, you know that Justin is fairly quiet and basically lets me talk him into whatever. But at our house, he is the one telling ME what to do, and in the last few months he's had to be my caretaker too. I got up last night with a sore throat and he was up like a shot to make sure nothing was wrong.

Our favourite picture. It's currently our home computer background. What's that? We should have a picture of our child? Psh. I see Addison every day. And this picture literally looks like me and Justin. Guess which one is which!
I think the term you're searching for is MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN!!!!
It works. Don't ask me how.

So Merry Christmas, Justin. I hope you liked it, because I've only gotten you one other thing. And its not that great.


Justin said...

For the record.. Jacqueline does clean and cook. She actually really likes cooking. She just has work herself up to clean up the mess afterwords. You don't know how many meals we haven't made because we both hate doing dishes.

Also.. all of this pregnancy stuff its gotta be much harder on her. Hopefully everything will turn out well soon and we can stop worrying. That would be my Christmas wish this year.

The Wifey said...

Um, you forgot that Justin built your house with his bare hands.

Justin said...

It's true.. I did. Except sometimes I wore gloves.

Bonnie said...

Don't forget that beautiful sofa table that you have too!!! Justin...thanks for being such an amazing husband to my very far from Canada daughter. I feel so happy knowing how much you love her and take care of her and Addison. Dad Porter and I love you so much for all you do and the person you are! And yes...I'm tearing up a little - what a surprise! Merry Christmas
Love you!!!

Beth said...

(I did not realize your name was Jacqueline!)
That is the sweetest thing I have read in the longest time. You are such a sweet wife, it sounds like you are both lucky to have found one another.

Enjoy the laughter!

Sheriece said...

Aw, who would have known that someday MY brother would be in charge of LAUNDRY!!!

I love you guys - you really are a match made in heaven. :)

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