Monday, January 19, 2009

Jae's Anatomy: Week 3 - On Beautiful Babies and Cheating

So another, week down... just four more to go. I really want to just get this week over with so I can say I am halfway there. We actually did have a fun weekend, or as fun as weekends could be in a hospital. Justin and Addison came for a sleepover on Friday night, and she did alot better than I expected. We stayed up late and she and I did manicures on eachother, and watched movies before we went to bed. Justin and Addison shared the cot, so he might have something else to say on how "well" it went. But it was nice to have them here and spend time out of the room exploring the hospital and wandering around.

Thankfully, on Friday night I had another nurse who has become a new favourite. She was hilarious. Anyway, on Friday night I was just DYING for something sweet. I decided not to eat all of my carbs at dinner so I could sub out some kind of treat. After I ate my dinner, we headed down to the cafeteria so to pick something out. I couldn't find anything really acceptable, but in my moment of weakness decided that half of a Twix couldn't hurt. So I ate it and went back to my room. Well, two hours later, blood sugar testing! The nurse came around and I was like, actually nervous about the fact that I ate the stupid Twix. When the machine beeped with my results I was like NOOOOOOOO. And with good reason. My blood sugar had shot up to 168. The nurse barely raised her eyebrows before I blurted out "I ATE HALF OF A TWIX!" She and Justin both started laughing because I was busted and apparently, really crappy at keeping secrets. She in turn, told all the other nurses, and now its a big joke that I can't control myself. THe nurse walked out laughing "It's okay... I know you need to have something every now and again. And its not like you got caught with your hand in the cookie jar..... actually, that's exactly what happened." So I have the other half in my drawer and it taunts me daily.

I also had an ultrasound today, and everything looks good.In fact, my most exciting development is that this kid already has a head of hair and it keeps showing up on the ultrasound. My ultrasound tech is the funnest girl, and we engaged in a half an hour conversation about how freakin' adorable babies with hair are. Addison was born as a Fraggle, and lets have a reminder of what a pretty baby she was:

AW what a little shnoogie boog, I just want to squish her.

And then she turned into an obscenely pretty little girl that I don't even know what to do with but dress her up like a little doll and style her hair obsessively... even though it always ends up in her eyes.

Yeah. Oh that makes me baby hungry. Cute baby hungry. So I am so excited to know this kid will have hair too... the possibilities of mohawks and making him the super cool baby on the block already have my brain going. He'll be a handsome little devil! Don't get me wrong, bald babies are cute too... but there is just something adorable about a kid who already looks like a tiny toddler. LOVE.


Natalie Pyles said...

Which nurse let the twix thing slide? that's awesome! name off a few of the other nurses for me... I'm sure I'll remember them. oh, that cot! my husband slept on that thing every single night. he hated it. I love to hear that you are doing so well. hang in there. thinking of you,


Morgan and Derek said...

You busted your own butt! You're supposed to act all cool, and be like, "Wow, what is IN that hospital food?"

Silly. :)

Sis P. said...

I hope that Twix was DEElish! You do deserve a little treat once in a while.

I love babies with hair too.. my Alison had a mop of jet black hair. It was adorable. It was so long I could put little piggy tails in it on the day she was born! One baby I remember that had amazing long hair was Danika Weiss. I must say she had the most I had ever seen on a little one!

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