Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jae's Anatomy: Week 3 - On Exaggeration and the Usefulness of Legs

So here we are, winding down this third week and I am so excited for it to be over to be officially on the "downward" slope of my stay here. On Sunday I can say I am halfway done and the prospect excites me more than it should. Keep in mind though, I am highly excitable when the highlight of my day is sugar free, fat free ice cream.

Lest you think I exaggerate about my awful diet, which at present is my biggest complaint because I am HUNGRY ALL THE TIME and when I tell the nurse she brings me a cheese stick, yesterday I took a picture of my lunch for editorial purposes. Let me also say that I did not eat anything off of this plate, this is how it arrived to me. Luckily, I had sufficiently swapped out and recalculated my entire day of food to get Justin to bring me a burrito, so I didn't die of hunger. When I first came to the hospital, I commented several time on how much food they give you here, and how I though it was odd to have a full course meal for lunch every day. No risk of that happening here...

I think that's known as "bad karma".

Oh no! Your eyes do not deceive you. THAT IS ONE PIECE OF HAM. On a plate. I did get grapes, and a coleslaw (but I'm not allowed to have dressing, so in essence the coleslaw was just a bowl full of shredded cabbage.) But other than that, one measly piece of ham. Honestly, how do they figure I'll stay alive on this kind of diet. I'm pregnant with twins for the love of pete, not on a fancy shmancy weight loss plan.

Other than that, we are just trucking along and staying alive here. Addison thinks the hospital is still pretty fun, especially when I take her for a wheelchair ride and buy her novelties from the gift shop. Yesterday my favourite ultrasound tech saw me wheeling Addison around and yelled down the hall, "Look at you!!" I yelled back, "It's a miracle!! I'M WALKING!" and we received astonished looks from the waiting room. Sometimes its nice to acknowledge the fact that I have legs and then even occasionally utilize them, if not only as a desk for my laptop.

Tomorrow I'll have another ultrasound, but I'm not really expecting anything new, although will be using it as a platform for my doctor to commit to the date of Feb 16th for delivery. Only 25 days away!


Morgan and Derek said...

Um, are you sure that they know what they are doing, diet-wise?? Because GD or not, that seems like not enough food...

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