Friday, January 23, 2009

Jae's Anatomy: Week 3 - On the Inaccuracies of Modern Medicine

***Actual conversation with my OB yesterday afternoon***

Dr: Hey Jacqueline, how are we doing today?

Me: Oh, same old, same old. Just truckin' along (I repeat some sort of this sentiment every single day.)

Dr: Great. Hey, so I was looking through your charts and I noticed that your blood sugar has been perfect every single day soo..... yeah, I don't even think you HAVE diabetes.

Me: (Acting surprised BUT KNOWING THIS ALL ALONG) Oh, really?

Enter Nurse with dreaded blood sugar testing kit.

Dr: So yeah, I don't even think we need to test you. Well, maybe twice a week. But not four times a day.

Nurse: So should I test her now?

Dr: Meh. No. Lets do it Monday morning.

Exit Nurse while I look smugly on.

Dr: Well, sorry for testing you so much for nothing. See you tomorrow!

Me: Oh yeah, see you around!

I wait until door has closed, and I then triumphantly call everyone I know and tell them I can now have chocolate, and if they would bring some over, I wouldn't be mad.

So there it is, the docs don't think I have GD, apparently steroids (which I had the week before I admitted) can make your blood sugar look artificially high and so that's what they think it is. I am still going to stay on the GD diet, but they don't care what kind of "extracurriculars" I have brought in, as long as its not on Sunday night.

Which means one thing. My mom is coming in 2 weeks and in her suitcase will be this precious, precious delicacy:

And I shall eat the whole bag.


Carolyn said...

Hooray!!! Maybe we'll have to re-do GNO and bring Cafe Rio or something lol. I'm glad they were wrong!

The Wifey said...

Okay those chips look positively disgusting. lol.. sorry but they do! You Canadians are weird! :)

Kara said...

Seriously!! Lol. I remember you telling us you didn't think you had it. Oh, and Dale puts ketchup on this chips sometimes, I think it's kind of gross, but apparently Canadians like it. Lol

Morgan and Derek said...


But, uh, Jae, honey... those look awful. Like REALLLLLLLLYYYYY bad.

But, you do whatever you gotta do. :)

Marci and Andrew said...

Ketchup chips are the BEST. You American's don't know what you're missing, seriously.

I'm with you on this one.

And oh--I hardly know you, but I love reading your blogs. haha.


kemery755 said...

Oh, have your mom bring an extra bag or two! Seriously, you think they'd be gross, but it's just like ketchup and fries, people. SO..DELICIOUS.. Seriously, bring more.

Sis P. said...

I swear I grew J & E totally on Tostitos Nacho Cheese chips... which explains a lot.

Glad to hear the good news...

...oh, cool... my "word verification" before I post this note is SPROINGY. What kind of secret code is that??? LOL!

Emily said...

Ketchup chips are wicked awesome. They don't taste like ketchup on chips either. Infact, they don't taste much like ketchup, I don't think. They are delicious though!

Glad to hear you're doing well and can eat the rest of your Twix without any guilt.

Jen said...

Yay!! Well that's good news!

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