Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jae's Anatomy: Week 4 - On Good News and Octuplets

So the last few days around here have been pretty quiet, but I have had some pretty good news and thought I'd better hop on and update.

First up, we have a date! Babies are getting here, come hell or high water, on February 16th! Last Friday I saw my faaaaaaavourite doctor and pelted him with a barrage of questions that had been weighing on my mind all week long, and "When the heck am I delivering?" He hummed and hawed and then wondered aloud when I turned 34 weeks exactly. I was like "February 16th!" He hummed again and went to get a calendar. I was like "FEBRUARY 16th!!!!" Like, trust me dude, I know when I hit 34 weeks. I have been sitting in my hospital room with nothing to do, you don't think I've looked at a calendar and picked a prospective birthday? I'm sad that I'll be induced, since I got pregnant I wanted to let nature take its course and just have the baby whenever, since Addison was semi-induced and I think my labour was harder than it had to be due to it. But oh well. We are still planning on normal delivery, my darling son turned breech over the weekend and they were talking c-section again, but by Monday he had flipped back around and we were go again.

Also, my doctor took me off the diabetic diet and decided I could make my own food choices as long as they were within my limits. I am like, more retardedly happy about this than anyone should be about anything, as this morning I had fruit and muffins instead of the crappy hardboiled egg they kept giving me. I'm afraid I'll never be able to eat another hardboiled egg again. Just the thought makes me sick.

Finally, my doctor and the two surgeons I was working with approached me about writing our case up for a medical journal. Turns out, the way this pregnancy has gone has challenged the way they typically treat an acardiac twin, and they are at a conference in California right now presenting it. Typically, there are two ways to treat it. If the acardiac twin is small, you figure that the healthy baby can carry the extra load and just wait and watch. If the acardiac is large, they move immediately to RFA, the surgery to correct it. In my case, the acardiac is larger than the healthy baby, but we haven't done any surgery. In fact, we've had no medical intervention other than monitoring. So they are making a case for not doing surgery so often. It only had a 30% success rate, and it seems like watching these babies has been a better course of action than immediately assuming surgery. So I am hoping some good comes from this, and that it makes it a less scary experience for the next girl who is diagnosed.

So that's it for now. We have another ultrasound on Friday to check the positioning of the babies again. Think non-breech thoughts!

Oh and on a side note and totally unrelated, did you HEAR about those octuplets born? Can you imagine? I am dying to see the size of the mom. And also, I was hearing that they thought there was only seven babies and baby number eight was a surprise? Like, after a certain number of babies, does it just stop mattering how many there are? lol. I think it must be like the difference between 130 million and 131 million... after a certain point of excess, you hardly even notice. Poor mother, I say goooood luck to her.


Chavah Kinloch said...

Oh my gosh. What a bunch of miracles! Im so happy for you. Soooo glad things are working out! Wow, I just can't say how impressed I am by all the big and small miracles. Bring on February 16th! Oh yeah, ditto everything you said about the octuplets lol. I seriously thought those exact thoughts.

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