Friday, January 30, 2009

Jae's Anatomy: Week 4 - Live From My Hospital Bed, Itsssss Friday Confessional!

Booyah, time for another installment of Friday Confessional! I've been seeing those 25 Random Things About Me tags all over Facebook, but since my confessionals are clearly just random facts about me, I thought anyone who needed to know them should feel free to look them up on my site. But be aware, if you do that I'll totally think you're weird and stalkerish. Heeeere we go.

-I am only writing this because its 8pm on a Friday, and although 20/20 is very entertaining, I am an obscenely obsessed multi-tasker, and doing one thing at a time makes me die a little inside.
-I am a REALLY ugly crier. Like really. If I shed a single tear, I blow up like a pufferfish and turn the colour of a tomato (or, if you like, ketchup chips!)
-Since being at the hospital, I've been the routine nazi. I wake up at the exact time every day, whether I am still tired or not. It helps me keep some semblance of control. The girl next door to me must want to beat me senseless when she hears the shower turn on every morning. Its really loud.
-I am unconsciously hostile to the nurses I don't like. My Friday night nurse is a peach, and I will talk to her for hours (I literally just requested that she come into work so she could be there when I'm induced.) But if I don't like the nurse, I can't bring myself to say more than thank you. I hated one today that drove me nuts and I think I saw her like, twice.
-I am uncommonly intrigued/nosey about all the other girls here stuck in long term care labour and delivery with me. There are five of us here right now, and I saw one around last night and wondered why she was here for like, an hour last night.
-I don't like snacking, and I don't have a sweet tooth. Today I was starving, and I have cookies stashed all over my room, but I'm just like, meh, I'll wait the three hours till dinner. Sometimes I'll have an apple.
-I get suuuper annoyed when mom's try and make their kids seem like they are somehow uncommon, different or more advanced than other kids. Most obnoxious word ever to use around me? "Gifted". Lets keep this in perspective here. I WAS IN THE GIFTED CLASS. LOOK HOW I TURNED OUT. If that isn't a cautionary tale, I don't know what is. It doesn't mean anything to me that your kid spoke a day earlier than other kids. Give it (and them) a break. Your child is just NORMAL. Heaven forbid you should just be pleased with your normal kid. Let them develop a personality before you run around touting them as the next big thing.
-Justin and I have developed a sick addiction/dependence on Mario Kart on Nintendo DS. Like, when at the hospital thats ALL we do. I'm better as long as I play as Bowser... gooo Bowser!!

So I am going to wrap this up because the next story on 20/20 (Did I tell you that my guilty pleasure is television news magazines? 20/20, DAteline. 48 Hours, Primetime, give it to me!!!) is about arranged marriages and I am very interested. Happy Friday, everyone do something fun and crazy for me... like... run an ERRAND! WOO! That sounds like heaven to me.


Sara said...

Wow, so weird, I'm reading this AS I'm watching the 20/20 on arranged marriages!

Morgan and Derek said...

You should just ask that girl what she's in for. ;)

And I don't like snacking either. It bugs me. I avoid it.

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