Monday, January 12, 2009

Jae's Anatomy: Week Two - Thoughts on Bad Nurses and Vanity.

Yay! I've officially entered week two. At the end of this one, I can order my own food, THANK GOODNESS. I have been looked in the eye by one too many mystery meats tasting like turkey but being heralded as pork chops and I am just about dunzo. I still think its so weird to have a full course meal for lunch, but whatevs. The sucky thing is I am hungry all the time, but they bring these huge meals and I only ever have room for half. Then I'm hungry an hour later and stare pointedly at Justin while rubbing my stomach and wishing out loud that I had a hamburger.

The weekend was fine, just a bit quieter than usual. I still work in here, so on the weekdays I have that distraction for a couple hours at least. I mostly just visited with Addison more, and Justin came to sleep over on Saturday night, in his sweet cot that my nurse brought in for him. WOO. Party.

So anyhow, today I had to do my 3 hour test for glucose. I have never hated life more. The nurse I have today could be the least gentle person on the planet, and every time she came to draw blood (4 times, people.) she manhandled me to the point of tears. She'd tie me off with that stupid elastic thing to find my vein and it hurt! She'd clean me off with alcohol as if I was a pot that needed scrubbing. Then, she'd poke me like I was made of really tough steak and and draw the blood. When the blood was drawn, she would jam her thumb, covered in gauze over the prick spot, and I swear that hurt more than the initial prick. Like, I know there's a chance someone could spurt out blood and stuff but for the love of pete, what kind of pressure does she think is going to come out? It's not a firehose lady, its a .08 diameter hole in my arm. After four of those I am feeling pretty beat up and sorry for myself right about now.

And speaking of feeling sorry for myself, here's a fun story. I brought my make up with the hopes of looking nice in the hospital. I am not going to lie, I am a super vain person DEAL WITH IT. I didn't bring the works, just some tinted moisturizer and my eyelash curler, mascara, and eyeliner. Well, the other day I was sprucing up for heaven knows what reason, and tossed a make up tissue in the toilet. Just as I flushed, my eyeliner, which was sitting on the toiletry shelf WHICH IS PLACED ABOVE THE TOILET, and quite frankly, just asking for this stuff to happen, rolled off the shelf and was promptly flushed down the toilet. It was a full size pencil!! HOW did it go down?? SO anyways, no I am eyelinerless and learning a serious lesson about being vain while wearing pajamas all day and trying to look nice. Just let it go, Jae, just let it go. Such is my life.

Well, I finally get lunch in a few minutes and then we have another ultrasound (YAY! FIELD TRIP!) So I'd better chow down before they try and wheel me off for that. I'll update with ultrasound info later. Also, one day I will post pictures when I get the gumption to figure out what is up with my camera cord.


Sis P. said...

You? Vain?

...I have a picture of you shaving your legs at girls camp.

Seriously, who shaves while camping? Especially GIRLS camp???


Morgan and Derek said...

You should have told that nurse to step off.... nicely of course.

Tell Justing to get you some freaking eyeliner!!!!

I have your sling fabric. It's ADORABLE! I won't lie.

Jen Nelson said...

Sorry the nurse was totally rough with you! Not fun!

Oh, by the way you don't know me but, I work in Salt Lake and wanted to offer to bring you eye liner! I picture myself touching up in between contractions... (whenever that happens)

I follow your fashion blog and peeked at your family blog when you had it linked. So sorry for what you and your family are going through! Hang in there!

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