Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend Update: Justin gets the short end of the stick.

Justin got a little more than he bargained for this weekend, and I'm not entirely sure he was very sad to leave to work this morning.

On Friday, like I said, we took Addison to Monsters vs Aliens. Of course, Andrew tagged along too, but slept the entire time. Addison loved it. Justin thought it was funny. I fell asleep. But what I SAW was good, especially the parts with Stephen Colbert as the President. If only...

Anyhow, after the movie we had to run back to Justin's office for a minute. He went in and I stayed in the car with the babies. Twenty minutes later, he emerged, only to find that me sitting in there running the radio had caused the battery to die. Sooo we were stuck. We called some family members, but the closest one was about a half hour away. I climbed into the back and fell asleep AGAIN while we waited. Justin's brother showed up, he jumped the car, and drove off. Well, the car STARTED but then went into some kind of safety mode where you can't accelerate, only coast. So we coasted into another parking lot and called Justin's brother back again. After the boys fiddled with the car for a while, it started up again in normal mode, and we drove home. We left for the movie at 1pm. It was 8pm when we got home.

I got us something to eat and about an hour later I started to feel a little sick. I put Addison to bed and started getting Andrew ready. We all fell asleep. Come 2am, Addison woke up SCREAMING. She gets growing pains in her legs and they were hurting her. Justin went to go deal with her, she wanted him to stay and rub her legs for an hour. Finally he went and got the hot water bottle and gave it to her, which helped. When he came back in he laid down next to me and was like "Holy crap! You're like 800 degrees." And I was. I felt awful. I finally got up and started running a bath, thinking it would help with the achiness.

At this time, Andrew woke up looking for food. He takes one of his mandatory fortified bottles in the night, so Justin got up to get it ready. Andrew was really hungry, and started screaming. I got out out of the bath to help. Justin went into the bathroom with Andrew to get a cup to warm the bottle.

Which is the precise moment I started throwing up. On the floor. Justin, between Andrew screaming for food and hearing me barf, ran out into our room where I promptly yelled, "DON'T LOOK! I'M BARFING!" My natural reaction to seeing someone throw up is to throw up as well, and Justin was, after all, holding the baby. He went into the bathroom and threw me a towel.

Which is when Addison woke up again. So there was Justin, dealing with Addison's growing pains, Andrew's obscene baby hunger and my throwing up on the carpet. I wonder if he took a moment to remember how sweet his life was when he was single.

Finally we got everyone settled. In the same bed. Addison insisted we also sleep with her giant stuffed Nemo. So there we were, Nemo, Addison, Justin, Me and Andrew, jammed like sardines into our bed.

It was a long night.


GuppiesGalore said...

You poor girl. We were all puking this weekend too thanks to some undercooked hamburger. Yuck. I've never been so sick...I pawned my baby off on my mom (breastfed, only one not sick).

Nathaly said...

Hahaha, I love the line about Justin thinking back to how life was when he was single. I really hope you're feeling better today! Sounds like a rough night. Why does it always happen all at once?!

Morgan and Derek said...

I hope you're feeling better! That stinks! And poor Justin. :)

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