Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Confessional

I'm having an AWESOME Friday thus far. I finished my work by 10:30, my paycheque got here a day early, and I'm heading up to the cabin for the Memorial Day Weekend (Read: Memorial Day SALE in Park City) so I am going to bang out some confessionals and then go shopping for cabin treats. YAY for cabin treats.

-My notepad that I keep on my desk is a hamburger. Like, it has a stack of pages for the bun, a stack of pages for the lettuce, a stack for the burger... you get the point. PS I am a grown adult with 2 kids and a mortgage. Surprise!
-I love anything lime flavoured. When I cook with limes I intentionally over-handle them so my hands will smell like limes later. And I have lime-smelling soap so when I wash it off, it STILL smells like lime. Ummm lime. Ooh, I have lime popsicles, I forgot! Don't you love when you forget about something delicious in your fridge? Wow that was a tangent.
-I hate people with "persona's". Do you know what I mean about that? Like "Oh, I'm a ROCKER, so I listen to rock music and wear leather and ride a motorcycle!" Can't you just like something without having to go whole hog into it? Stop making yourself into a cartoon character.
-I am seeing my temper in Addison more and more and it is awful. She'll ask me for something, and when I say no she'll ask Justin, and I'll still tell her no and she'll be like "I'M TALKING TO DADDY!" and I'm like omg, mini me. Totally my fault. Poor Justin, living with these two loud girls.
-I'm a workaholic. I get a weird rush from getting stuff done, checking it off my list and being GOOD at it. I can't imagine me NOT working. Of course, I get to work at home and that's a huge bonus, I don't know if it would be the same if I had to work outside of the home. Its the Porter in me; we all thrive when we're taking care of business.
-I am addicted, ADDICTED to The Tudors. Love that show. So good. My brother thinks I watch too much TV but remember the time I was in a hospital bed for 6 weeks? Yeah.
-I get really annoyed by people thinking New York City is the best place in the world to live. Uh, maybe for you it is, but I can think of nothing less appealing. Don't get me wrong, I love a big city. But people getting uppity because they live in a 400 sq ft walkup that smells of urine and costs $2000 a month because they want to live in the Big Apple? No thanks.


GuppiesGalore said...

I ***LOVE*** The Tudors. OMG he is smoking hot. Jordan and I have seen all the episodes to date...we got the first season from the library and watched the whole thing within the weekend. LOL!

Jae said...

ugh, I know. Hotness. I have been badgering Justin to buy me all the seasons.

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