Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend Update: I'm a shopaholic better take away my wallet...

Yay for long weekends! Memorial Day is so weird to me. In the States, you get no time of for Easter, but a day off for Memorial Day. I think it's mostly just an official kick off to summer. I think the pool might finally open up soon too... thank goodness, it's all I do with Addison in the afternoons. Andrew better get liking it or I'm leaving him at home. He can take care of himself.

Anyways, on Friday we were getting ready to take off to the cabin, and I thought hey, I'd better check my bank accounts because I was planning on going to Park City to shop (They have CRAZY sales up there over Memorial Day). While I was browsing through our accounts, I noticed some extra money in there, and was like what the heck? Turns out, we won $200 from our bank, Chase, as part of their sweepstakes for using our debit card. Upon learning this, I immediately called Justin and gloated that my shopping trip had just become excessively guilt free. I then went to get the mail, and saw a red jeep coming up the road, presumably Justin. So I waved excitedly with my excitedface, and realized it was not Justin at all. I then sang the Ching-a-Ling song, complete with arm movements, and ran into the door of the Tahoe. Moral of the story; winning money to go shopping with makes me act like an idiot.

So on Saturday we headed over to Park City and I proceeded to buy everything in sight. IT WAS MAGICAL. I came back to the cabin and Justin was like "I think you're glowing." See, I don't get glowy while pregnant. I get glowy while bargain hunting. Get this. I got a handbag, a pair of shoes, three shirts for me, three shirts for Justin, and two outfits a piece for Addison and Andrew for like, $140. It was brilliant. Some of my best work.

Unfortunately, the rest of the weekend turned out pretty dark and dreary, which was convenient because we had a boat, but not the weather to go out in. With the first peek of sunlight we rushed out there, only to be battered around by the wind and cold. I didn't even come out from the nose of the boat, where I was hiding out and reading with Andrew.
So we mostly just vegged out, watched movies and wrangled kids. Good times. Also, to those girls who recommended Australia to me, THANKS! I loved it. Or loved what I could hear above the din.
Anyways, we're home now, back to real life. But it only a four day week, so YAY for that. Here's the pics!
Addison very excited about her "Ariel" Pancake. Grandpa made it... I think it actually looks likea a mermaid! PS She is also naked because she ran around like a savage all weekend long. Deal with it.
Me and Andrew hiding from the wind and the cold in the boat. Terrible fishing trip.
Sleeping babies! I love when they fall asleep together. And not just because it gives me an hour to myself, but because its really cute and when they are teenagers and hate each other, I can show them this picture as evidence that there was a time that they didn't mind each other so much.
Gratuitous fat baby picture. SQUISH!


Jen said...

I love the pic of the kids sleeping! And what a cute chubby baby Andrew is becoming!

Morgan and Derek said...

What pretty babies, and Andrew is unbelieveable. All that eating is definitely doing him some good!

Julia257 said...

He is so cute and so big already, I can't believe how fast they grow.

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