Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Confessional

Ahh another blissful Friday where I got my work done early. Thanks to Andrew's new schedule, where he heads off to bed at 9 and then sleeps through till 6, I am too grateful to push my luck and try to get him to sleep in, and have instead learned to get up and work instead. I kind of like it. Shh, don't tell Justin. I want him to believe that it is a real challenge for me to get up at 6. ANYWAYS.

-I totally judge books by their cover. Right, I am judgemental anyway, but I have certain requirements when choosing a book. Such as the authors name may not be larger than the title. I always get good books though, so it must be working (By the by, I am reading an awesome one right now, so stay tuned for more book suggestions.)
-Justin and I took the 5 Love Languages test yesterday and found we have NOTHING IN COMMON. We are at complete opposite ends of the spectrum. His best love language was service and his worst was gifts. Mine? You guessed it: gifts are my number one and service is the least. Match made in heaven, you guys. PS give me presents.
-I love silence. Like, you'd think that because I talk so freakin' much that I like noise, but not at all. When I was in the hospital I never had my TV on during the day. I turned it on for visitors, and as soon as I was by myself it was off again. I don't like background noise.
-I love the smell of air conditioning. How weird is that? Like that weird freon smell? It smells like summer and barbecues.
-I think one of the greatest luxuries in life is falling asleep reading a book. Sometimes I read when I'm tired just so I can doze off with it in front of me. Ahhhhh.

Well, off I go for Friday adventures! My besty's eggo is preggo, so I'm off to do the fun shopping for a pregnant girl that I never got to do... back when I was having babies and all. Its so enjoyable when it's not my swollen ankles and nausea!


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