Thursday, July 16, 2009

For the A's

To Big A and Little A;

Yesterday we went to the beach, and Addison, you were so excited to play in the sand with the other kids. You asked me, "Mom, can I play with them?" and when I said yes, you grabbed your bucket and shovel and boldly ran right over to them. You are so bright and social and I always hope you stay that way. You often won't know how you brighten a stranger's day or bring a smile to their face.

Andrew, you didn't like the beach very much. The stroller was too hot and the water was too cold, and you finally gave up and just went to sleep. You are such a content baby. Every morning you wake up smiling, which almost makes it worth it to get up at 6am every morning with you! You love your sister. She can do just about anything and you will smile and laugh with her.

I hope as you grow up, you two will stay close. It's going to be hard. Siblings don't always see eye to eye. But you'll find that after all of the friends have moved on, and you've grown up a little, that your sibling is your greatest champion. No one in the entire world knows you like someone who grew up alongside of you. Stay close, through the petty arguments and silly fights. Stay close through the things that you momentarily think are more important; friends, jobs, locations. You'll one day wake up to realize that your sibling has become your best friend, and wherever they are is where you'll find home.

One day, when Dad and I are old and long gone, and you have children and grandchildren of your own, you'll look to your sibling as a way to hold onto all of our pasts. Siblings are roots, memories and experiences. They are a way to face the world and all of its trials and triumphs and automatically have someone on your team, who is always rooting for you to win; overjoyed for your victories, and loyal through even the most crushing losses.

A sibling will laugh when you laugh. Cry when you cry. And then punch the person who made you cry.

Protect your bond fiercely. When you disagree or argue, don't let it fester. Instead, apologize quickly and forget. You very much need each other, regardless of what you think at age three or age sixteen. As far as I'm concerned, you two are a package deal, and I won't take one without the other.

Love, Mom


Nathaly said...

I totally started crying reading this. My brother was here for a week and a half and he just left this morning. I got to go hang out with him without the kids a few times, just me, him, and my parents, laughing about old times and the stupid things we did as kids. And now we both have our lives and only get to see each other once every 6 months. It's so sad how much things change!! But everything you said is so true.

Okay, therapy session over. Sorry to bombard a post to your kids, lol.

Bonnie said...

I know you speak this from your own heart and experience. I feel so happy that you and your brother's are a living testament to these words and how grateful I am that I have been blessed to see the "fruits of these labours". Addison and Andrew have great examples all around them and they will want to take care of each other and they will love being around each other and they will call you often...when they live in Canada!

Jill said...

your words are always so moving, they get me all the time. I needed to ready something like that. So very true.

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