Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Picture Post!

So were you all waiting with baited breath? My word, that's an idiotic phrase.

Here's the promised pictures!

We've been playing a lot in a nearby reservoir. It's an awesome way to spend an afternoon where I actually READ A BOOK and the kids are occupied. Addison with playing in the water, and Andrew with watching her.

The famous doll picture. Addison was instructed to entertain Andrew while I finished work. And entertain him she did.

I took this at 7am at the cabin when the four of us headed up for a quiet weekend. We fished and hung out and were generally lazy, and it was lovely.

Addison playing with a worm. Incidentally, while wearing her pink Princess tracksuit. So yeah.

My new favourite pic EVER.

Andrew being drooly and cute and blue eyed.

Addison is


Posing! Where the heck did she get that from??
Addison talking to Andrew while he bounces. Which he does for roughly 6 hours of the day. Kid is an ANIMAL. And my loft is messy.
So, now you're all caught up, just in time for me to fall behind again. Yaaaay.


Carolyn said...

Love the sibling picture. They are both adorable!

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