Thursday, August 6, 2009

I heart gmail chat

...Justin and I talk on Gmail Chat just about all day, every day. Since we both work on the computer, we just keep our chat screens up and send of messages as we think of them.

Today, we were discussing this article, where a family was challenged to eat on "only" $100 per week, which is what Justin and I spend on a particularly extravagant week. We were laughing about how lame the article was.

As a special treat, I'll let you eavesdrop on the convo. Ignore the fact that we don't use things like punctuation and general grammar rules, and I say "lol". A lot.


what the frig is that...?

amazazing... people survive on what we do every week

Justin: you can't live on $100 per week you need to make some major adjustments


Justin: we are still eating cinnamon toast crunch and oreos..

omg, only poor people pay $100 a month apparently

..PS can I also point out that your idea of living the high life is cinnamon toast crunch and oreos?

what else is there.. what else is there.

Yup. That's our relationship in a nutshell. High on the hog eating Oreos and being rich... IN LOVE.

Take that, crappy KSL family.


Morgan and Derek said...

Derek and I use blackberry chat and I heart it as well. :)

And I have serious stress if I spend anywhere near $100 at the grocery store in a week. Good grief. It's not that hard. :)

Carolyn said...

How does he get any work done??!?! LOL, just kidding. Matt and I text all day (well, we did when he had a job) but we would chat on the computer if he could have. Thanks for the convo copy, it's hilarious :)

kemery755 said...

I can't believe Justin forgot about the Doritos. Heaven knows that's what he lives off of.

Justin said...

...and doritos...

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