Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Went on Summer Vacation and All I got Was This Lousy Blog Post: Part Six

The day after we got home from Canada, we packed up and went for our annual trip to Lake Powell. Can I just tell you how TIRED I was? And how much I missed my bed? We got home around 10pm and night and were scheduled to leave at 5pm the next day, so I ran around like a psycho trying to get everything in order before we left. I had a to do list roughly a mile long but we got it done and headed down. It's about a five hour drive, but thanks to our trusty friend, portable DVD player, the kids did just fine.

LP was good as usual. We generally wasted time and swam and all of that good stuff.

Andrew LOVED the water. This is how I spent most of my day. Sitting on the shore so he could splash, or out pulling his floaty around so he could get good and wet. Poor kid has my genes when it comes to gleaming white skin though, so he had to be doused in SPF 85 before we did anything. I am happy to report no sunburns though! Addison was in it all day as well, but she liked throwing rocks and stepping in mud better.

Addison looooves a good boat ride. She hangs off the edge and makes me fearful for her life. Also, she had a cute hat sooooo.... yeah.

Our retarded dog Lucy would bark at anyone approaching the camp. Even if it was me. Being in the great outdoors makes her nervous and she is sure everyone is an axe murderer. She also forgets that she is 8 lbs and would be the first to go if an axe murdered came to camp.

Me taking Addison on a waverunner ride. She would scream "FASTER MOM! FASTER! A FIIIIIIIIIISH! STOOOOOOP!"

We came to the marina just about everyday to buy drinks, crappy, expensive souvenirs and hang around. Andrew did not wear clothes the entire time, so Justin is doing his best to cover him up.

Everything was great until the last night, when it was like everyone flipped a switch and everyone started throwing up a la Family Guy (Funniest clip EVER). We thought it was food poisoning, but a friend was down at LP the week before and had it happen to her too, so I wonder if it was a parasite in the water or something. It was lovely. Breaking down camp while you want to tear out your insides is a delight.

We made him home and recovered okay, but now I'm bugging Justin for a *real* vacation. The kind where you have room service and don't worry about red ants in your bed. We'll see.

And there you have it! The end to my Summer Vacation saga. It was a good time, wasn't it?


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