Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Confessional

Geez, it's been a while since we did one of these eh? Sometimes I feel like there is not one possible thing that I haven't confessed to, but then I think of some other weird trait I have, and we're back in business!

-I have no concept of the future. Justin is constantly trying to talk me into paying extra on the mortgage, so it'll be paid off in 25 years instead of 30. It's so far away that I can't even comprehend. I can't even comprehend saving money for Christmas. Its still too far away. I like last minutes.
-When I concentrate, I roll my tongue back on itself. Like the tip goes towards the back and I don;t even notice that I do it until I relax a little. I roll my tongue when: driving, cooking and cleaning... all things that do not come naturally to me.
-For marrying someone so much older than me, I have weird cougar-like tenancies to younger boys. I crush on Zach Efron. Badly. I also like the lifeguards at various pools. They're 18. OMG.
-I play my Nintendo DS in the bathtub. Right now I'm playing Princess Peach. I dropped it once and it STILL WORKS. A testament to Nintendo in general.
-I buy books in bulk. Since I hate to borrow books from the library (there's so much pressure to read them right then!) I like to go buy three or four books from the store at a time, because having something to read immediately after a book makes me feel warm and safe. I panic otherwise and then reread books like Prep. And it's smutty.
-I hate apple pie, (WARM FRUIT!!!!) but I made three for my husband last Sunday. I took me all morning. Now I just have these awful pies taunting me with their disgusting gooey centers.
-I judge the following people: Other moms. People who use motorized shopping carts. People who work at cell phone pavilions in the mall. People who think of their hobbies as talents. Children with bad names. People who eat at Taco Bell or Carl's Jr.

Ah, that feels better.


The Molcak's said...

Taco Bell? Really? mmmm Chicken quesadilla!! lol! Don't judge me! ;)

Jenni said...

I wouldn't survive w/o taco bell. I love the burrito supreme!!! I do LOVE reading your confessionals!

Morgan and Derek said...

I am definitely on your "judged" list.

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