Monday, October 5, 2009

Jae's Book Club

Allllright party people, here is the last crop pf books that I read. Some I loved, some I thought were a little weak, but since I give just about every book a chance, I'll let you make those decisions yourself.

My Sister's Keeper: Jodi Picoult

I know that My Sister's Keeper has been out for a while, but I usually have mixed feelings about Ms. Picoult's work. I am of the opinion that she writes entirely too many sub-par books, instead of a few really good ones. I hated 19 Minutes, and tolerate The Tenth Circle. HOWEVER, usually when a movie is being made from a book, I want to read it just to see what it's all about. My Sister's Keeper is about a girl who was genetically engineered to be a perfect match for her cancer-ridden sister, so that she can donate blood, organs etc to keep her alive. She sues her parents for medical emancipation, and the majority of the book is about the trial that ensues. While I found the ending melodramatic, I would be lying if I said I didn't cry. In the end, it was a good read and really touching to someone who has recently spent a lot of time in the hospital.

Impossible: Nancy Werlin

I bought this book solely because I was running of to Lake Powell, I needed something to read on the boat, and this was the ONLY book at the store NOT about vampires. I wish I was kidding. I even saw one called Mr. Darcy, Vampire. Can I just go off on a tangent about how crappy of a writer you are if you copy not one, but TWO other authors books to make your own? Terrible. Anyways, Impossible is about a girl who finds that she has a family curse placed on her that uses the folk song, The Scarborough Fair, to make her complete seemingly impossible tasks before she has her first baby, or risk insanity. It sounds crazy, because it is. I liked if for a nice, light read though. I had it done in a couple hours. It was relatively clean too, because it's more geared to YA fiction.

Two Rivers: T. Greenwood

OMG I loved this vbook. It's about a man who does a terrible thing in his past and tries to forget. He's reminded of it when a train crashes in his quiet town of Two Rivers, and he takes in a pregnant teenager who was on the train. In his way, taking her in is his redemption for what he's done, but it also forces him to remember the happenings of 12 years ago. You know how much I love a good American tale-type book, and this one was perfect for me. Really amazing book. Another one I finished in a day because I read and read and read it. It's beautiful.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Sociaety: Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows

This was a book that I'd meant to pick up for literally MONTHS. But I judge my books by thickness... I like them to last me a while, and this was a tiny read so I never got around to it. Finally I coerced Justin into buying me some books in bulk, and I finally picked this one up. I am so so so glad I did. It's a book about the Nazi occupation of Guernsey, one of the British isles found in the English Channel. Basically forgotten by both sides of the war, residents dealt with the occupation as they could. I loved this book so much I am starting to read it again because I feel like I didn't read it slow enough. I never ever do that. It was easily the best book in the whole batch that I read.

The Lucky One: Nicholas Sparks

I have this sick fascination with Nicholas Sparks. I read The Notebook when I was 17, and of course, as a teenage girl I fell madly in love with it. Since then I've liked exactly two of his other books... A Walk to Remember and Dear John. The rest have been predictable and soppy. But I still buy all of his books just to see if he's got another gem. This was OKAY I guess. I feel like he always has to have some crazy twist in his books, so I found myself guessing and ruining the whole thing for myself. It's about a soldier in Iraq who finds a picture about a woman and keeps it with him through his service, thinking it is a lucky charm. When home, he walks across the country looking for her. I just felt like it was predictable and nothing special, like his big snoozers, The Guardian, The Choice and True Believer. It was a yawner, but if you like his books, go right ahead. I'll read The Last Song next and let you know.

The Blood of Flowers: Anita Amirrezvani

I bought this book SO randomly just because it seemed interesting enough. It's a medieval story, but it takes place in Iran, which I found interesting. It details the life of a girl whose father dies, leaving her and her mother to fend for themselves in class-based Iran, to work as servants for her father's wealthy half-brother. She is later sold to be the secret wife of a rich merchant, which ruins her prospects for a honorable marriage. It was interesting to read about rituals and markets of Iran and I really liked the book, as well as the ending. It weaves old Iranian fairy tales through the book that parallel the girl's (who is nameless) life. I will say though, it was a very graphic read. Not for the squeamish.

Alright, that was my last month in books. Excepting the Nicholas Sparks love-fest, it was a good one. I am reading GLAPPPS once more before I head to the bookstore to stock up for the next month or two.



Carolyn said...

Thanks for the recommendations! Now I have more books on my list of must reads.

Kim said...

This has nothing to do with your post, but I thought I would say it anyway. I love your blog! You seriously crack me up all the time. Love it!

Kim (Pixiee Dust BBC)

Justin said...


Victoria said...


So, in avoiding my law school readings (blech!) I was creeping your blog. I see you read "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society". Did you know that they made a miniseries based on those stories/letters? It's called "Enemy at the Door". I think it was made by the BBC. My family and I watched it all summer. So good! you should check it out.


The Edwards Clan! said...

I just happened on your blog from Michelle's. We used to play when we were little. I'm sure that's a bit creepy, but I wanted to say you made my book choosing much easier!! I am constantly looking for a good read!

Bonnie P. said...

The books look interesting (thanks for the insights) but there's still no pictures of my grandkids!!! :(

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