Thursday, October 8, 2009

Latest Pics

My mom will kill me if I don't post some pics. GEEZ MOM.

As we were driving home from the cabin the other day, we had Justin's brother's dog with us. Addison fell asleep and as soon as she did, the puppy climbed on her lap and went to sleep. They were so cute napping together that I had to dangerously traverse the car to find my bag and dig out the camera.

The other morning Andrew was SUPPOSED to be taking a nap, but instead was in there talking. Morning is my work time, so I went in there all mad that he wasn't sleeping. This is the face I got. I immediately felt like the worse mom ever and put off work so that we could play. Also, how cool is his crib quilt? He's like a baby Tarzan. The nursery is done in Noah's Ark, so Andrew got the animal part.

Justin recently discovered that when Andrew is cranky (and honestly, I'm not just saying this because I think he's cooler than regular babies, but he gets cranky like, once every three weeks) that his hate equals instant happiness... or instant cuteness. AND LOOK HOW FAT HE ISSSSSSSS!

So, I'm a slacker. Addison started school a half a month behind everyone else because of our vacationing. So this was her on her first day, which was everyone else's like, eighth. So far she loves it.

I love hearing her stories when she comes home. Yesterday, she told me that the other kids had picked her to play a game, and the rest of the day she told me "Mommy? You and me are on a team" anytime we did anything.

On an especially cute day. Ugh three year olds are hilarious, I want one forever. This particular day she learned about successfully calling 911 in an emergency. When I asked what an emergency was, she said a fire. Then she said she liked "rescue heroes" like "police offsisers". I died.


kemery755 said...

Gosh, they're such cute kids. You need to post pics more often.

Bonnie P. said...

Okay, now you have pleased your mom...(it's about time!!!) Love You

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