Monday, April 5, 2010

Zoo Pics!

I have pictures of Easter, but I'm waiting to put them up until they are super-original and no one else is posting Easter pics. Otherwise known as me forgetting I had other pictures to post and being so neurologically unsound that I can't post pictures in anything but chronological order.

So we went to the zoo a couple weeks a go. I dragged my friend Celeste and her two boys along with us and then I was like WHY do me and Celeste not hang out more often? Both of our four year olds are four months apart, and our one year olds are four months apart, so it's like built in friends. Celeste is married to one of Justin's mission companions that served in my old ward. Anyway, it was like one of those marathon nine hour outings, but it was fun and we only got lost twice. Maybe three times if you count the time I thought I was driving onto an exit ramp the wrong way. Anyway, her cutie kids, Lincoln and Kaden will make an appearance here.

Addison and Kaden (K is four months younger than Addie, not that you'd even know it) checking out the rhinos, who Addison is sure is a dinosaur. Typically she calls them "Rhinosaurus rex".

Checking out the paw prints.

Aw boo, Celeste. We didn't get one where Kaden was looking. It was a good try.

Easily the scariest monkey known to man. How ominous.

Andrew checking out the scariest monkey known to man. Not crying, miraculously.

I'm just going to go ahead and squish him. This was before his last haircut. Kid has the girliest curls I have ever seen on a boy.

Addison riding the giraffe. Andrew rode the snake because the people operating the merry go round let me sneak on with him, sans tickets. But I was holding him sooo probably shouldn't let go to take pics. I was attempting some parenting skills for once.

Addison and Kaden measuring up with the gorillas. This one will be shown at their wedding, natch.

Me putting Addison in uncomfortable positions. Celeste is behind her, holding her butt. That's what real friends do.

Andrew and Lincoln mowing down some fries for our apres-zoo stop at Mickey-D's. Love their compatible fatness.

So, yet another freezing cold March trip. I swear at one point we were the only ones there. It was good times. Easter pics are coming!!


Uncle Rynie said...

You officially. love. the. zoo.

Annnd on another note, I am now caught up on the blog reading. Don't know why I haven't done this yet but I added it to my RSS.

Cuz that;s what family does.

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