Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's Day in Saint to the George

So, way early Thursday morning, we're talking like, 4 a.m. here, Andrew started crying, which was weird because our family is staunchly sleep-through-the-night-and-frequent-daytime-naps supportive. So when I padded in there to see what was the matter and finding him burning up with a fever, I knew why he was up and Andrew and I enjoyed one of our early-morning High School Musical marathons. We've been doing them since he was a little guy.

Thus commenced once of those days that all moms dread, where they are forced to clean up after a sick baby whose barfing and general crankiness knows no bounds. Luckily Addison had school and was off to a friends so I just had the one child. That was plenty. If there ever were a time to contemplate sterilization...

But I digress. When Justin came home, there I was. I was wearing my sweats (THE HORROR) because I had literally not left the house all day. Like, not even to get the mail or wave at a neighbor. And where I'm from, WE WAVE AT OUR NEIGHBORS.

Justin asked how my work had gone and I offered the usual sob story about having to work through a clingy baby and several clothes changes, whereupon he asked if I could get my work done early the next day since he'd booked a trip to St. George for us all and we were leaving at noon.

This is the point in time where I dissolved into a puddle of tears because nothing in the world sounded as attractive to me at that moment as somewhere sunny with a pool. For those of you not familiar, ie: anyone living outside of the state of Utah, St. George is a little resort city near Vegas. Super warm, lots of old people, good shopping.

So, off we went. Andrew was still sick all weekend, but it just meant a lot of naps and happy time with Motrin. Unfortunately, Addison caught it too, which meant even more naps and even more Motrin. It was still far preferable to having Mother's Day at home, listening to talks about mythical "perfect moms" at church and making my own breakfast.

The hotel made me omelets.

Anyhow, it was a nice little break and just what we needed.

Addison models a very nice hotel towel by the world's shortest palm tree.

Wow... way to smile, family. Epic smile fail.

Andrew flippin' loved the pool. All day, every day. We were the weirdos that were down there at like 9am whooping it up while respectable people slept in on their vacations.

Oh, note that he's wearing a swim diaper because I had a bad mom moment and let him fall asleep for two hours in his swimsuit sans diaper. That always works out just swell.

We also visited the dinosaur museum, where I drew a very nice t-rex for my brother Ryan, who shares my t-rex like arms.

Addison worked on a long neck, natch.

Such a typical day-out picture. Um, here's Addison. And Andrew sitting in his stroller. Riveting.

In front of the neato rock wall. This is where I almost punched a lady for standing in front of us. The wall is like eight feet long, lady. Find a different spot. Of course, I didn't really puch her because I'm passive aggressive like that. But oh, the mean thoughts I had!

Addison checking out some fossils. Please note how cute her shirt is.

Dads and Adds.

I came home from my trip totally rested and feeling pretty good about Mother's Day. Who knew that the trick to a really good one is to go far away from your home and let strangers make your bed?


Morgan -Ing said...

We did the Dino museum when we were down there a couple weeks ago and the boys LOVED it! It was fun!

Uncle Rynie said...

at basketball this week I realized he WORST part of having t-rex like arms.... You have to be AWKWARDLY close to people to give the a high five.

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