Tuesday, January 4, 2011

And Now, a Barrage of Super-Late Christmas Posts

I swear I thought I *just* posted here, but alas, I have ALL of Christmas to catch up on. I swear, one day my kids better be like "OH MOM! Thanks for blogging about our whole childhood so we can read about it now! Here's a trip to Hawaii." It seems feasible, right?

Anyway, this year we did our annual trip up to Salt Lake to see family and have our Santa party. I realized this the Santa they get reminds me of the "You'll shoot your eye out, kid" Santa from A Christmas Story, but the kids like him. I think he's too loud.

First you get an adorbs pic of Andrew just being himself. He has a funny way of smiling without an overbite and it makes me laugh. Seriously, he's been talking so much lately that I'm feeling nostalgic. I was hoping to keep him a small baby forever. Although I am loving the part where I don't want to bang my head against the wall because he's whining and I don't know what he wants.

When we first got to the part Andrew was all "Heck no I'm not sitting on the strange man's lap."

But then he had presents, so it was OK. Just like we talked about in stranger danger.

Addison ended up with the antlers and Rudolph nose AGAIN this year, even though he clearly asked for children who had not had them three years in a row. Oh well.

Honestly, I have no idea how we're related to about 80 percent of the people who come to this party, but Addison was happy enough to play with anyone she had never met before.

It was weirdly balmy the few weeks before Christmas, so it didn't feel all that Christmasy. Then we got like, five feet of snow and I'm like K WE GET IT, IT'S WINTER. And I'm even a winter lover. We did have a white Christmas though and it was all picture postcard-y and lovely and I have Christmas morning pictures to come if I can find both my camera and its cord. That is a very large if.


Jen said...

Andrew looks so much like his daddy! And yes, I love the idea of our kids giving us trips to Hawaii since we have dutifully documented their childhood on blogger!

Anonymous said...

The picture of addison is adorbs. HOWEVER I can't even look at her b/c I can't stop looking at the face of the lady behind her IN COMPLETE SHOCK. Santa must have told her he wasn't wearing anything under that costume at that exact moment!

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