Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Music Challenge - Day One

So everyone and their mother is doing the Facebook music challenge. The problem is, I have so many back stories and whatever to everything that I don't have the space to truly explain my choices. I am long winded like that. SO! I'll post the real stories over here.

Day 01 - Your favorite song.

My favorite song, hands down, is u2 - With or Without You.

I started loving this song when I was 14 years old and pretty much in love with a boy that I knew. We were very good friends and were in the same general social circle and went to dances all the time. And for some reason, we always ended up dancing to With or Without You. So right away, I hear it and am turned into a 14 year old gawky girl again. You'd think I wouldn't want to remember when I was awkward and looked slightly like a boy, but the song comes on the radio and I must listen.

Also, now I'm like seriously? I had terrible taste in boys at age 14. But didn't we all? Unless you met your husband at age 14, in which case how sweet.

Fast forward 10 years. Justin and I were at an activity and we were doing a Newlyweds type game with some friends. Friends who were very straight laced and proper. When they asked the question "What is your wife's favorite song," Justin wrote mine down immediately. I sat there racking my brain. What was my favorite song? What would Justin THINK was my favorite song. Finally, when it was my turn to answer, I blurted "Drop It Like It's Hot." I believe the person running the game said, "Um, I've never heard of that song." I was so embarrassed when Justin read his answer of "With or Without You" and I yelled "NO! He's right! That IS my favorite song." But by then I'd painted myself as a Snoop Dogg fan and sorry, but that's a hard label to remove.


Nathaly Blalock said...

So much better with a story, haha. That's my favorite song too! It doesn't have to do with any boy in particular. More just how in love I was with the idea of being in love when I was 14. And the fact that I was obsessed with Friends and it's the Ross and Rachel song. I saw U2 in concert when I was 18, and I almost died when they sang that song.

Jae said...

Hahaha Nat, I used to babysit for these huge U2 fanatics when I was 16 and I literally just sat and listened to this song on repeat for hours. And then acted moody. I love that we all love it!

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