Monday, June 27, 2011

Overwhelming Updates

Andrew passed out on our trip to Lake Powell

Addison being a super cute summer girl.

Blogging brings up conflicting emotions for me. On one hand, I actually enjoy writing and think that one day, my grate grandchildren might be reading this on their super space iPad3456.7 and enjoying my family history here. On the other hand, once I slip off the blogging bus, I am hit repeatedly with the guilt that I feel for not updating. Also, then I get behind and I sit around and validate my lack of updating by listing out all the things I have to do in my head. Plus there's the whole other blog business. I am horrifically behind on family updates, so I thought I'd get out a few pieces of key information before I start uploading gobs of pictures and whatnot.

Addison is out of school and now I'm faced with endless days where I panic, trying to think of what to do with her. Justin made a comment the other day about my psychotic and precise planning of each day. Literally every hour is planned out and I give myself time limits for everything. Which is especially weird because I stay at home, work and don't have a boss. I am the worst boss of all. It's why I don't have employees. Well, that and I'm not all that profitable. Still, I don't know why but I tell myself I'll only spend 30 minutes in the store and then act like I'm on "Supermarket Sweeps" when it doesn't happen. WHY.

So far, we've spent the summer doing Addison's dance recital business (video to come.. can't wait for you to see what $350 in lessons bought us. Spoiler: I paid too much.), spent hours swimming, gone to like, every park within a 50 mile radius, spent time at the museum pretending to be the educational-type mother and doing a lot of riding bikes up and down the driveway. Oh yeah, and trying to avoid Andrew's mad rages where he tries to bite my arms.

So it's like we've been busy, but not with anything in particular. Just life. I know one of these days it'll calm down. Andrew will go off to preschool next year and I'll have three glorious mornings per week to myself. But for now, it's all Lightning McQueen and chocolate milk and crafts and playing with worms. I'm OK with that, but apparently, my blog is not. Because it has yet to write itself. (Don't be a stupid jerk, blog.) Instead, I'll make a tentative promise to be better, especially now that I have roughly 6 million pictures and videos to sort through over the last month.

I don't want my space grandchildren to think me a slacker.


Jenna said...

Your kid bites your arms?? No bueno.

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