Sunday, July 10, 2011

They *Might* be Related

This just in: Our kids look exactly alike. I snapped this picture of Andrew before we headed outside the other day but I couldn't shake the feeling that it looked familiar. After paging through some old Facebook albums, I realized it's because Addison used to make the same face when she was a babe.

But don't be fooled: while they may look the same, they act nothing alike.
Addison is a thrill seeker, Andrew is scared of his own shadow.
Addison is sweet and slow to anger, Andrew has a terrible temper.
Addison likes to stay up late and sleep in, Andrew must go to bed early and is up when the sun is.
Addison doesn't like physical contact while Andrew must be touching someone AT ALL TIMES. It's not the slightest bit annoying, I promise.
Addison plans her outfits, Andrew runs around in his diaper 24/7.
Addison is practically vegetarian except for chicken, Andrew begs for steak and sausage on a regular basis.

But... they're both pretty adorable.


Quirky Jessi said...

Lmao! Yeah, I'm pretty sure they're related, hehe. Adorable.

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